7 of the Weirdest Fruits You Can Grow at Home


When most people think about growing their own fruit at home, things like peaches, apples or grapes some to mind. However, there are other, more exotic fruits that you can easily grow in your own back yard as well – some you may even have heard of! 7 of the most exotic fruits easily grown at home are discussed below.


These berries are similar to strawberries, only it is their outside skin that it white and the flesh of the fruit that is red. Because pineberries are a hybrid (a cross between two strawberry plants), you cannot get plants started from the seeds. You can, however, order plant stock and have them shipped directly to your home. They can be grown indoors or outdoors, but will stop bearing fruit if the heat gets too intense.

Dragon Fruit

This plant, belonging to the cactus family, bears sweet and bright-colored fruit and is another exotic that is easily grown at home. Native to Central and South America, it still does well in temperate zones as long as it is free from frost. It can be started from seed, seedlings or starter plants, but each will require different care, so read the instructions carefully.

Chilean Guavas

This evergreen plants bears both beautiful flowers and fragrant berries, so it is an aesthetic as well as edible addition to the garden. The berries can be used in jams, jellies, and syrups and can be grown in much the same way as blueberry bushes, though these plants tend to have a higher yield and are not as fussy about soil conditions.


These fruits, grown from the carambola tree, have a distinctive, five-point star shape if sliced widthwise and are commonly used as garnishes for fruit salads or fruit-based soups. The tree is highly decorative, with light purple or pink flowers in the spring, and can be started from seed, though this needs to be done in a warm and humid environment.

Japanese Wineberries

These delectable fruits look similar to raspberries, but although they are sweet, they have a distinctive, peppery kick. They are an abundantly-bearing plant and are usually started from canes and are easy to grow but you will have to wait two growing seasons before seeing the first fruits, as they berry from the last year’s growth.


These exotic fruits are dark purple on the outside with a sweet, pale interior and come from a native Indonesian evergreen tree. However, they are only able to be grown in greenhouses or outside if you live in a very warm climate like southern Florida, as anything below 40 degrees Fahrenheit will kill them off. You can start them from a seed, which needs to be planted as soon as it arrives.

Passion Fruit

These purple, slightly wrinkled fruits with a green, seedy interior can be started from seed but will need another plant to help them bear fruit, as they are not self-fertilizing. They are great for zones 9a and up and are vigorous plants once they get started.

So if you want to grow fruit at home, consider one of these exotics when planning out your garden. You might be surprised at how easy it is to enjoy home-grown tropical fruit.

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