7 Ways to use Essential Oils to Improve Everyday Life


Essential oils have been used for centuries to treat common illness, increase beauty and boost energy. Here are seven ways that you can use essential oils to improve your everyday life.

1. Focus your mind (with mint and rosemary)

Mint has been known to improve concentration, even increasing focus and endurance in athletes. The smell of mint is energizing and refreshing, and can even be tied to weight loss. Rosemary is also a concentration booster, and has been proven to increase mental capacity and help when making fast decisions. Rosemary may also help with memory.

2. Smile wide (with the scent of lemon)

Regularly inhaling lemon essential oil is not only a fantastic experience, but may bring a smile to your face. Lemon has been scientifically proven to decrease depression symptoms in patients. Try a dab of lemon essential oil in your palms and breathe in happiness.

3. Calm down (with lavender and orange)

Marketed in many baby products and scented candles, lavender is well known as a stress reliever and sleep aid. Lavender has long been sold in small satchels to place under your pillowcases to help with sleep. It smells divine and is also great as a bath additive. Orange oil may also have a calming effect, and can help with anxiety.

4. Quash cravings (with the help of black pepper)

If you are feeling jittery and craving old nicotine habits, try a black pepper essential oil to help with your hankering. This essential oil is also great in aiding your digestive system, helping with bloating, and is a wonderful antioxidant. Try blending black pepper oil with other amazing aromas like lemon or lime to create a balanced, refreshing blend.

5. Skip antibacterial creams (with tea tree oil)

There is no need for chemical-filled antiseptic creams when you have tea tree essential oil nearby. This oil is great in helping with acne, but also is used to treat infections. Try a small amount on a cut or abrasion to avoid infection and to aid in healing.

6. Get beautiful skin and hair (with cedar oil)

Beautiful skin and thick hair can be achieved with the use of cedar oil. Cedar essential oil has some astringent properties, which is great for skin care. It also can stimulate the skin, which may help with hair growth on the scalp.

7. Control your stomach (with ginger and grapefruit)

Ginger is great for helping with nausea. A simple ginger tea can relieve an upset stomach. Try using fresh ginger with hot water and honey for a delicious homemade tea. To help with a constantly rumbling stomach, try grapefruit essential oils to help with appetite control. Grapefruit oil can suppress your appetite, allowing you to eat just the right amount of food and prevent weight gain.

When used for specific health and beauty benefits, essential oils are great for improving your everyday life. From boosting mood to calming an upset stomach, there are thousands of uses for the fragrant and natural essences produced directly from Mother Nature.

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