7 Ways to Treat Opiate Addiction Naturally


The symptoms caused through the withdrawal from opiate addiction are a known fact, and during this time, a person can experience anxiety, depression, and high levels of stress. The addiction that you rid often follows another addiction: namely pills. These might include anti-depression or anti-anxiety pills, or even painkillers that are just as addictive as the narcotics you were previously taking. This creates further problems. The hope of treating opiate addiction is not just through painkillers, or other pills. There are natural methods available, which are proven far more effective than painkillers. Following are a list of natural ways to treat opiate addiction.

  1. Hot/Cold Shower

Experts state that a hot or cold shower can work wonders when treating an opiate addiction. The sensation of warm water seeping through your pores will not only relax your muscles and limbs, but will also put your mind at rest. This time alone can provide you with relief. Cold showers are also helpful, as they cool down aching muscles and leave you with a rejuvenated sensation throughout your mind and body. Anxiety and muscle pain is relieved through a bath or shower. The addition of mild salts will also provide your skin with the nourishment that it needs during withdrawal.

  1. Exercise/Yoga

When aching, sore muscles are exercised, anxiety and stress levels lower. During a workout at home or at the gym, your brain will focus more on the tasks you carry out, rather than the symptoms of withdrawal and a possible relapse. A good workout will make you feel refreshed and energetic throughout the day. Not unlike exercise, yoga is also a helpful means of relaxation. Experts state that outdoors yoga during the early hours of morning, or even at sunset, can provide you with a feeling of complete peace and relaxation. Yoga combined with meditation is an effective recovery method for opiate addiction.

  1. Body Massage

A relaxing day at the spa can loosen the mind and body and leave you with a calming sensation throughout. You can take a well-deserved break from the mundane during opiate addiction, and rest for an hour or two while your muscles and joints are given a soothing massage in an ambience that is designed to calm you down. A full body massage coupled with a spa treatment can revitalise the senses and make it easier for you to cope with the possible stress and anxiety that may follow throughout the withdrawal symptoms of opiate addiction.

  1. Rest

Resting during a body massage, even during yoga, is important, but another important method toward recovery is sleep. Opiate addiction may lead to restlessness, insomnia, energy loss, and loss of appetite etc. A good way to relieve yourself of anxiety and pain is to get a good amount of sleep, which will help you wake up feeling more refreshed than ever. It may take one or two nights to reach a consistent sleep during the withdrawal stage, but once you fall into the routine, a timetable will keep you feeling rejuvenated for the day. Aim to have a minimum eight hours of sleep each night.

  1. Water and Food

The right levels of food and liquid contributes toward bodily reparation.. Drink plenty of water and consume nutritious food, since your body requires the hydration and nutrition. Keeping the body hydrated with the right amount of water will increase your threshold for withdrawal pains and anxiety. It is important to have a healthy diet, which will push toward a speedy recovery. Nutritious food rich in fibre and protein gives the person strength during recovery.

  1. Re-connecting With Close Ones

Narcotic abuse can lead a person to dissociate themselves from loved ones. Rekindling old friendships, and requesting help from family, will make it easier to cope with the effects of addiction. Accepting help from trusted ones could increase the possibility of an earlier recovery, as they will advise you of methods that will contribute toward your wellbeing.

  1. Supplements

Multi-vitamin supplements, often available in departmental stores and health food shops, provide the nutrition necessary to relax the body during withdrawal. It is often said that these supplements help to reduce anxiety levels, and people cannot grow addicted to them, unlike painkillers. These naturally made vitamin supplements contribute toward healing the trauma of addiction, whilst also keep you feeling energetic, rather than sore, during withdrawal.

In Conclusion

People have adapted various ways to treat addiction, but a helpful treatment for opiate addiction can be helped via many natural methods.






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