7 Ways to Raise Your Vibration.


We have all heard the phrase, raising your vibration. But what does it mean? I think it’s something hard to define, but I think we have all felt it. You are feeling good, and the people around you can feel it off of you, and more people want to be around you because of it. You become like a magnet. Well, here are 7 simple ways to raise your vibration that I have found key in maintaining a sense of well-being.

1. Drink More Water.
We have all heard this one, but most of us are guilty of not getting enough in. The rule of thumb I use is at least 3 Liters per day. That’s more than the standard rule you’ve heard, of eight 10oz glasses per day. The more, the better. You won’t believe how much better you will feel by drinking more water.

2. Meditate/ Pray.
I’m a big fan of both! They will reduce stress levels, making you more clear headed, and ready to attack each day.

3. Show Gratitude.
Sometimes we get so caught up in our hectic lifestyles to slow down and show appreciation, for even the small stuff. A beautiful flower, or a good waiter. Give it and it comes back.

4. Break a sweat.
Everyone knows that exercise is good for them. But you know that feeling you get right after you work out? Yea it feels good doesn’t it? Strive to get that at least 3 days a week.

5. Affirmations/ Incantations.
Positive reinforcing words or phrases that you write down, place somewhere that you see every day. Say them out loud (incantations), incorporate body motions while you say them to produce more central nervous system stimulation.

6. Wake up Earlier.
This could be titled go to bed earlier, waking up earlier will dramatically improve your morning performance. But this may mean you need to go to bed earlier to make sure you are still getting enough ZZZ’s.

7. Read More Watch Less.
Let’s face it, watching the Kardashian’s isn’t making you any smarter. Watch less reality TV, and grab a book. Even better, there have been studies showing that people who write at least 500 words per day have a better outlook on life. Why do you think I write this blog? 🙂

Dr. Austin Sanford
Dr. Austin Sanford BS DC is currently President of Healthcare Intervention Inc., a company dedicated to providing the most up to date health and wellness information and services to the greater Dallas and Fort Worth area. Their flagship wellness clinic, Adjust, provides some of the most advanced health and wellness treatment and training in the world. For more information visit AdjustDallas.com