7 Ways You Can Find Your Bliss and Follow It


What does it mean to “follow your bliss?” The phrase originates from mythologist Joseph Campbell, but what meaning do you associate with it? Your bliss isn’t always your career or a spiritually-  higher purpose. Your bliss is specifically that — your bliss. It’s happiness, silly!

“To follow” assumes that you already know what your bliss is, deep down inside, and all you have to do is dig enough for it to be yours. Think of following your bliss as flowing with it, especially with life as it unfolds. Following is the action, and not an idea. More often, you stumble onto your bliss, which may take many forms.

Does that mean you have to choose? No, but it helps to do one thing at a time. What feels right? Instead of waiting for your bliss, or spending an eternity digging for it, there are simpler ways to find your bliss and flow with it.

  1. Be Open, to Life and Possibility

First glances at new opportunities don’t offer much depth. Roll it around on your tongue like a piece of decadent dark chocolate. It may have flavors of what you’re looking for, or provide a valuable experience as a stepping stone.

Life is a journey and possibility and potential are endless, limitless things. That’s as empowering as it is scary. Vow to yourself to be open to what you hadn’t considered.

  1. Get Out There and Create, No Matter Your Age

Are you using your age as an excuse to ignore your bliss? Stop it! Your bliss doesn’t have a timeline or a time limit. Many of the problems you associate with age come down to a lack of physical activity in your life. So get out and get active!

You’re not too old, not too young and not too anything! So, step out into the world and be present. Be active and respond to your life. Participate. Paint! Play! All of life is co-creative, and every action, word choice or smile creates a new possibility.

  1. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Being active and present in your life doesn’t mean you should stick to what’s comfortable. You need to constantly grow and change. Affect your life, rather than being affected by life. It’s okay to let go of what you’ve outgrown.

You don’t have to be a daredevil, but try new activities and goals that challenge you. Say hello to someone cute. Make a new networking contact. Take a class at a community college. Go rock climbing. Ride the bus instead of driving. New activities also mean introductions to new people, which means new opportunities, perspectives and chances to find your bliss.

  1. Be Curious

Have a talk with your inner child. Let little Inner You out to play, and ask everyone five thousand questions. Why is the sky blue? How did you get where you are? What inspires you? What’s that?

Take a closer look. Curiosity leads to learning something new — new connections, deeper meanings and interesting insights. Curiosity triggers your imagination and keeps your inner child playful. Finding your bliss doesn’t have to be boring!

  1. Embrace More Awe in Your Life

If you think you’ve seen everything, you’re not living life in the present. New impressions are harder to come by as an adult. Instead, you focus on making good first impressions — on creating an image or version of yourself to fit a preferred mold.

Those impressions you experienced as a child aren’t the same because you don’t let yourself be surprised. Embrace awe! Be flabbergasted. Be amazed. Be surprised. Awe leads to inspiration.

  1. Shine

Let your laughter, smile, joy and talents light up the world, because positive emotions are infectious. In turn, surround yourself with people who make you happy.

Shine. You don’t need permission. You may not be able to control the world or human nature, but you deserve to be who you are. You deserve to be happy. Let yourself shine, and don’t be your own worst enemy.

  1. Have Trust

Life often doesn’t go the way we expect. You have to learn to let go of expectations and embrace trust, particularly trust in yourself.

Think back on the past — successes and regrets. Look more closely at those regrets. Know that when one door closes, that breeze will rush right through to open another way.

The timeline of your life has mistakes and missed opportunities because another idea or way was created. What happened then led you to your present, and your present (no matter how wrong it feels) will lead you to your future bliss. Have trust.

There are many ways you’ve been finding your way to your bliss you likely didn’t realize until now. Be open, curious and an active participant in seeking out your happiness.

Shine! Trust that you already have what it takes, and know that you’re already awesome. Be present in your life to find your bliss — and then follow it!

Jennifer Landis