7 Vegetables and Herbs You Can Eat Once and Regrow Forever


Aside from throwing vegetables scraps away or turning them into compost, there is another option: you can regrow them! Below are listed seven great plants you can eat once and regrow as many times as you like!


Once garlic sprouts, it is probably going to be too bitter to eat. However, to avoid throwing the garlic away and wasting it, it is also possible to put them in a glass with some water and simply cultivate the sprouts themselves. These sprouts have a mildly garlicky flavor which is much more subtle than the parent root and is great to use in soups, salads, pastas or casseroles.

Carrot Greens

Most people simply throw away the tops of carrots or put them out in their compost pile, but hold up! If you set carrot tops out in a shallow dish and put them in a sunny location like your windowsill, you can actually grow carrot greens from them. These greens are vitamin- and mineral-rich and can be used in things like soups or salads or even as a garnish.


If you are crazy about basil – and who isn’t? – and would like to grow more, simply snip off a clipping with a four-inch stem from the parent plant. Set this clipping out in a glass of water and put it in a sunny spot. It will grow roots; if you wait until the roots are around two inches long, you can easily transfer the plant to a new pot of its own.


If you leave an inch or two of scallion or green onion attached to the roots and stick those roots in the glass with a little water, you will be able to re-grow new ones. Since they are so fast-growing, you can generally have a completely new bunch of scallions within five days.


If you have the stem from a head of romaine lettuce intact, you can regrow your own from this, too! Simply place the stem in a bowl with a small amount of water (usually around half an inch) and place it in a window where it will get plenty of light. The romaine grows back quickly: you will see new leaves in around fourteen days and you can re-harvest in another seven to fourteen days.

Bok Choy

This tasty green can be regrown just as easily as you re-grow romaine. The method, too is similar, and you can start by placing the root-end of the bok choy in a little water and placing it in an area which receives plenty of sun. After seven to fourteen days, you will be able to transplant it to a pot with soil and regrow a whole new head.


If you love ginger, you might be interested to know that you can replant the roots in a pot full of soil to regrow. However, ginger takes a far longer time to regrow than some of the other plants mentioned here, so you will have to be patient: you will not be able to re-harvest for 8-10 months after planting.

So start your “recycled garden” today! You will be surprised at how easy it is and how much food you can harvest from the scraps!

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