Juicing is  a great way to  detox, reach your goal weight or simply look and feel great.

Juicing involves you, a Juicer and some fruit and vegetables.

Remember: It pays to go Organic and buy local if you can.


Here are 7 Super Juice Recipes from around the Web, to naturally power your day.


#1.  Joe Cross’s Green Protein Boost Juice


8 Kale leaves

2 – 3 large handfuls Spinach (150grams)

2 Swiss Chard (silverbeet) leaves and stems

1 Cucumber

1/4 Pineapple

1 small handful of ice (optional)

1 Scoop of  Organic Protein Powder (optional)



1. Wash all produce.

2. Juice the greens and pineapple.

3. Add the green juice, the protein powder and ice in a blender.


Blend on high until well combined.




#2. Fitlife Founder Drew Canole’s “Most Nutrient Dense Juice in the Galaxy”  


1 Handful of Mint

1 Shot of Wheatgrass

1 Knuckle of Tumeric

1 Lemon

1 Beet

1 Teaspoon Matcha Green Tea

½ Teaspoon of Chlorella

½ Teaspoon Spirulina

½ Teaspoon Moringa

1 Cup Coconut Water



1. Juice solid items.

2. Mix with the powders in Coconut water.

If you’re juicing on a budget, like so many people, you may want to hold off on buying all the Superfoods listed and only go for the ingredients you can get in! If you are new to Superfoods or this recipe – start slowly! Use a few of them and see which ones you like.


[Source: Fitlife.TV]   


#3.  Kris Carr’s Green Juice


2 large cucumbers (peeled if not organic)

1 big fistful of kale

1 big fistful of sweet pea sprouts

5 stalks celery

2 big broccoli stems

1 pear or green apple (optional)

1-inch piece of ginger

Other optional greens we love: romaine, parsley, spinach and dandelion.



1. Wash and prep all ingredients.

2. Juice all ingredients.

3. This green juice recipe makes almost 32 ounces (2 servings).




#4.  Juice Master Jason Vale’s Cold & Flu Protector


2 carrots

2 apples

1 inch slice of lemon – where possible, wax free and with rind

¼ inch of fresh ginger

2 ice cubes



1. Simply juice the lot and pour over ice.

This juice is rich in vitamin C, which helps sweep up free radicals and keeps tissues strong and healthy. The citric acid and ginger are wonderful for eliminating toxins from the body and aiding digestion. Ginger is also a natural antibiotic and one of nature’s supreme decongestants. This juice is full of dietary fibre, thanks to the simple apple, which provides vitamins and minerals as well as being  good for overall cleansing of the system.




#5.  Wellness Mama Katie’s All Natural Sports Drink


1 Quart of liquid (Options: organic green tea, herbal teas, coconut water, purified water)

⅛ Teaspoon Himalayan Sea Salt

½ Teaspoon crushed Calcium magnesium tablets or powder (optional)

¼ Cup of Juice (optional. Can use grape, apple, lemon, lime, pineapple)

2 Tablespoons Sweetener (Optional – Can use honey, stevia, etc. I suggest brewing stevia leaf into the base liquid for the most natural option)



1. Brew tea (if using) or slightly warm base liquid

2. Add sea salt and calcium magnesium (if using).

3. Add juice and mix well.Then cool and store in fridge until ready to use.

As an example, her normal recipe includes 1 quart of tea (brewed with Red Raspberry Leaf, Alfalfa, Nettle and Stevia), ¼ tsp sea salt, ¼ tsp calcium magnesium powder (about 1,000 mg) and ¼ cup grape or apple juice. This provides an outstanding substitute and offers greater natural sources potassium and of sodium than regular sugar-laden energy drinks.  




#6.’s Green Power Gulp


1 cup sliced Kale (from about 3 large leaves)

1 cup seedless Green Grapes (about 28)

1 English Cucumber, thickly sliced

1 small Red Apple (4–6 ounces), cored and cut into chunks

1/2 cup water



1. In a Juicer, combine kale, grapes, cucumber, apple, and water; juice until smooth.

2. Strain juice and, if desired, thin with additional water.

3. Before serving, garnish with a fresh kale leaf and a cucumber slice (optional). Refrigerate until ready to serve.

This Green Power Gulp provides a healthy dose of iron, great for healthy blood cells and muscles. It also has more than the daily recommended amount of Vitamin K, another nutrient vital for healthy blood and bone health.




#7. David Wolfe’s Beauty Beverage  


1 Romaine Lettuce

1 Cucumber (with skin)

1 Burdock Root  (with skin)

1 Apple



1. Put all ingredients through your juicer and enjoy. Serves 2 people.





These Juices are simple to make, taste delicious and can help you look and feel great.

Be sure to check with your healthcare professional before beginning any new health action.


Be great to hear what’s your favorite Juice at present? Share in the comments below.


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