7 top Natural First-Aid kits and Remedies


7 top Natural First-Aid kits and Remedies!

Herbal medicines to help prepare you and your family can be as simple as stocking your medicine cabnet with versatile herbs that can be used to treat minor injuries.  As you begin to feel more comfortable with herbal treatments of this sort and as your knowledge of herbs grow, you will find yourself turning to herbs first in most first-aid situations.  Minor bites from mosquitoes and other insects respond quickly to an herbal oil or ointment.  There are many herbs that stop itching and reduce swelling, but my favorite is lavender, which not only smells great, but also reduces the risk of infection.  Remember, while nature provides an array of bugs to pester you, she also supplies herbs to stop those bites an stings.  The herbs suggested for first-aid depends also on your effectiveness to be mentally prepared during an emergency.  No matter how many good herbs and gauze pads you have, there’s no substitute for knowledge and practice.  Of course, it is equally important not only to know the herbs, but to be able to use them properly, using them incorrectly can do more harm than good.

Natural Remedies and Uses:

Plantain and Jewelweed:

To start with your first-aid kits subjects 1, and 2, “plantain and jewelweed”.  Both herbs not only soothe the pain and itching of a sting or a bite, but also reduces swelling and even slows down allergic reactions.  For an instant treatment while on the go, chew plantain leaf into a poultice and put it on the injury.  Some times called “natures bandage,” plantain has the wonderful trait of being able to adhere to the skin without any artificial means.

True Insect Repellent:

2 ounces of vegetable oil or vodka 1/4 teaspoon each citronella and eucalyptus essential oils 1/8 teaspoon each pennyroyal, cedar and rose geranium essential oils.  Combine ingredients and apply mixture directly to all exposed skin.  Keep oil away from eyes and mouth—take care not to rub your eyes right after applying the repellent with fingers.

Storage and Keep Time:

Store in a bottle with a tight lid.  A glass container is best, but if you prefer a lighter, plastic container, choose one made of oil-resistant plastic (you can find these in camping goods stores).  This repellent should keep for at least a year.

Minor Bleeding:

With minor bleeding; the next time you are confronted with an injury, consider that a small amount of bleeding has its advantages.  Bleeding cleans dirt and foreign particles from a wound, and when blood is exposed to air, it forms an important fibrous substance call fibrin.  This fiber creates a netting that entangles other blood cells so that they clot into a scab.

Superficial Serious Bleeding:

If bleeding is perfusive certain herbs can be applied directly to the wound.  Powdered cayenne, the same pepper used in chili powder, will quickly staunch bleeding when sprinkled directly on a wound.  It will also reduce the time it takes for a scab to form.  Putting cayenne on an open wound, may sound more painful than the injury itself, but the pepper not only arrests bleeding but also contains a substance that reduces pain: capsaicin, the same stuff that, makes cayenne peppers hot.  Researchers have discovered that capsaicin suppresses a chemical that carries the pain messages from nerves in the skin to the brain.


7  First-Aid Kits ingredients list:

Moringa Leaf Power: A-Z superfood, combats malnutrition, is a multi-vitamin, has all 18 amnio acids, very high in protein, iron and other minerals.

Tea Tree Essential oil: Has great anti-bacterial benefits for many skin condition.

Comfrey Herb: Promotes fast healing from injuries and broken bones, great made into a salve.

Plantain Herb: Reduces swelling and even slows down allergic reactions.

Colloidal Silver: Kills all types of bacteria internally & externally.

Cayenne Pepper: Used topically, cayenne powder helps stop bleeding,

Activated Charcoal: For acute use in intestinal poisoning, it also pulls toxins out of skin.



Natural First-Aid Kits:

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