7 Surprising Healthy Sodas


Sodas have gotten a bad rap for a good reason – they really are not good for you. Among other harmful ingredients, many sodas contain high fructose corn syrup (linked to obesity, diabetes and heart disease), genetically modified ingredient and preservatives such as phosphates (many studies have found correlations between phosphates and renal problems). They are definitely not something that you want to regularly consume in your diet if you are concerned about your health. That being said, most people get a craving for sodas from time to time, and if this is the case, check out some listed below.

Steaz Sparkling Green Tea
For a healthy pick-me-up, this green tea “soda” is full of antioxidants and sweetened with stevia, a natural sugar substitute. It will also help boost energy levels and elevate the mood with added Vitamin B12. It has zero calories.

Reed’s Light Extra Ginger Brew
This light version of ginger ale clocks in at just 55 calories and is sweetened with honey and stevia. It has a wonderful gingery taste but is also good for treating upset stomachs or nausea naturally.

Virgil’s Root Beer
This robust brew is a blend of herbs and spice including vanilla, anise, molasses and balsam oil and is free of artificial dyes or flavorings (it doesn’t need them!). However, it does contain sugar and at 160 calories a bottle should not be a daily indulgence.

This line of products is from Germany and is not easy to find, but well worth the search if you can find a supplier. This soda is lightly sweetened with sugar but only totals up to 60 calories for bottle and has unusual flavors like elderberry, lychee, and ginger-orange.

This is that rare thing: a certified organic soda that carries a cola beverage that is a healthier alternative to Coke or Pepsi. It has other flavors as well, including unusual ones like strawberry-rhubarb, and none of Oogave’s sodas is over 100 calories per bottle.

GT’s Enlightened Organic Raw Kambucha
This fermented green tea drink is not technically a soda, but it is extremely healthy: rich in probiotics and low in sugar, it is nonetheless a fizzy, faintly sweet drink. It contains only 60 calories per bottle.

Hot Lips Soda
This funky brand, based in the Northwest, takes seasonal fruit, cooks it and adds water and cane sugar, then carbonates it naturally before bottling. Flavors will change with the seasons but some are fairly high calories, clocking in between 122-155 calories per bottle.

So, the next time you get a yearning for soda but do not want to go off the rails of your healthy diet, wander down the aisles of your local natural foods store. Chances are you will find some or most of these healthy and tasty sodas on the shelf.

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