7 Simple and Useful Online Tools for Your Life


Online industry is developing vastly nowadays offering wide range of different tools and facilities. All of them are aimed on making our life easier. Moreover some of them are available absolutely free. No matter if you are planning to cook dinner and need online timer or you just want to check with your timetable using online calendar, you can benefit from numerous useful online tools that will come in handy while arranging your day or handling with your daily activities. At the same time you are able to monitor and track your banking account as well as benefit from the latest video games and updates. We would like to introduce top 7 easy to use online tools. They will certainly come in handy as can be used for different purposes.

Online Calculator

We all need calculator from time to time. No matter if you want to count your salary which is about to be paid or interest rate of your credit, online calculator will turn out to be an essential tool for everyday needs. All you need is to follow the link and benefit from easy to use facility. It will help you to control your future costs as well as create financial or repayment plan in case you pay for the credit or loan. At the same time you can reveal hidden interest rates of advantages of credit offers provided. Calculator will make it easy to count existing savings, pensions and benefits. At the same time you can plan you outgoings which may include mortgage, health care payments, rents, etc.

Online Timer

Online timer has already proved to be a vital tool that can be found in the web. You may think there is nothing special in this simple widget. But what if you are planning to impress your family and friends with an award-winning dinner with lobsters, crab cake and many other delicious meals? You need to strictly follow the receipt. In such situation this timer will turn out to be essential. You would probably like to ply different quiz games and benefit from other entertainments like Bubbles. Online time will certainly come in handy in this occasion. You can use it absolutely free without facing any difficulties. The tool is rather simple. All you need is to follow the link provided and start enjoying this widget.

Online Calendar

Online calendar is rather important online tool for people who are used to evaluating their time. If you are involved in different business meetings and trips, thus widget will turn out to be vital for you. On the other hand it will make it easy for you to keep in touch with your future place and schedule. At the same time you will not face any difficulties in arranging your upcoming week or even month. Here you will find easy customized online calendar which can be adjusted in accordance with your future plans. In addition you will be provided with several other useful options which will let it generate necessary events and meetings. You can choose from various formats of calendar to meet your needs and preferences.

Online Library

Though modern youth is not eager to benefit from books we love, online library is still rather important and useful service to use. This is not just an ordinary online tool. It is huge community of people from all over the world who still have real values of published materials. If you feel like reading classical novel Duma or horror story written by Stephen King, you may feel free to use this service which is introduced in form of global catalogue. Now you do not have to surf the net for hours looking for your favorite book. They are all here in one place. In case you have some free time. You would probably like to spend it accompanied by a beloved story, wouldn’t you?

Online Games

Imagine that you have a couple of free minutes during your working day or lesson. What would you do? If you are not able to answer this question, we have a perfect offer. Online games are probably the best time to spend some free hours. The main benefit of this tool is that you can access it from any device which has connection to internet. In other words you may benefit from this facility while you are in a tube or public transport. The range of games available is overwhelming. You may choose from various topics and themes which can meet your likes and preferences. Moreover you do not need to download additional software. You only have to click a button and immerse yourself in the unforgettable world of videogames.

Online TV

We can hardly imagine our life without television. But what would you do when electricity blocks out or you are not able to pay for your cable? Luckily there is a perfect solution to these problems. You can easily access online TV via your smartphone or laptop enjoying your favorite programs and channels. Imagine another situation: you are on a very important meeting for hours. You are dog tired and unable to watch the most important match in your life. All you need is a smartphone and pair of earphones. That’s it! You will never miss a goal with the help of this essential online tool.

Online Banking

We were obliged to include online banking in our list of useful tools considering its necessity and efficiency. This service is vital for people who are eager to track and monitor all their savings, salaries and pensions along with valid banking and checking accounts. The main benefit of this service is the fact that you can use from any part of the world anytime you need. This will help you to keep in touch with your funds movement and prevent any type of fraud. In addition you will be able to arrange your payments and credit obligations in order to avoid any kind of fees and additional costs.




Dmitri Breakston