7 Reasons Why My Family Doesn’t Drink Soda

If this chart listing the seven side effects of soda isn’t alarming enough, there is a lot of well-researched information about how diet soda actually makes people fat.

Watch this informative 2 1/2 minute video here: Is soda really bad for you?
Think this is an easy decision? NO! My kids fight me on this all the time—every time we step into a restaurant and are bombarded by the vast selection of soft drinks.

Is it worth it?  In the long term—YES! Absolutely.  I tell my kids that if all the parents knew what I know about sodas, they would NEVER give it to their kids either.  Why would a parent consciously poison their children?

Want a neat soda replacement that’s yummy too?

This is a healthy homemade cranberry mojito (personally I’d leave out the rum). Recipe here. (Courtesy of We Are Not Martha)

Andrea Beaman, who healed herself from a debilitating illness through dietary changes, taped this awesome video with her nephew. I showed it to my kids and then we had a blast mixing and tasting.
Here’s the video: THE SODA POP KID

Simple recipe

  • 1 8 oz. glass carbonated water
  • 1 Tbsp. fruit juice concentrate or elderberry syrup (great for immunity) from health food store
  • Add sweetener to taste (raw organic maple syrup or raw organic honey work great)
  • Mix and add ice, if needed
  • Mix seltzer with any unsweetened fruit juice for a refreshing spritzer.
  • Add a slice of fruit if you’re extra fancy and fabulous.

(In the video, there’s a recipe for natural ginger ale with the healing benefits of real ginger which is great for the digestion.)

Was this article helpful to you? What do you do to replace soda in your household?

This post first appeared on my blog, Under the Table: Confessions of a reformed junkaholic.

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