7 Reasons Why Looking Good is Important


It’s a daily ritual – looking into the mirror and checking yourself whether you’ve got the right shoes on, clothed with a well-ironed shirt and that stunning jeans to wow people whenever you walk down through the busy streets. Yes. People, like you, love to look into the mirror and enjoy the beauty they see – your face, your body and everything that is you.

Looking good, not only in the mirror but in the eyes of people is very important. It cannot be considered as a luxury for a person to want to look good, it’s actually a natural human right. Yes, you are very much allowed to look good. And why not, looking good is something that gives almost anyone a boost to live life much, much better.

Have you ever wondered why looking good is so important? Perhaps, you did and your answer could be all summed up into one and that is, it gives people, or you, confidence. True. But there are other reasons why looking good is important. Have a read!

7 Reasons Why Looking Good is Important

  1. Be like Helen of Troy

‘The face that launched a thousand ships’, this may sound as conceited as it is but nope, don’t get us wrong here. By looking good, you are able to influence a lot of people. Or rather, you are able to use your good looks, perfect posture and charisma to bring about change or start a cause – just like Helen.

So take out that golden ring, adorn yourself and be like Helen. But not too much. Less is cool.

  1. Good looking, long lasting first impressions

Ever heard of ‘First Impressions Last’? I know you did so.

We all know that it’s essential to have nice first impressions (you only have 7 seconds), whether that be in work, school or partying because first impressions do last and sometimes, this can be the make or break for a friendly or any kind of relationship, for that matter.

If you look good in any situation you are in and even more so on first-time meetings, there’s a chance that you’ll be afforded a very pleasant first impression and gain new friends at the same time.

  1. Personality Judge

Looking good also gives way to your personality. And it actually even enhances it. If someone looks good, you can assume simply by the way they dress themselves, that they are people who are meticulous and neat. Well, this isn’t a rocket science that’s 100% true but in a way, by looking at how people carry and dress themselves, they are slightly judged.

By giving your best good look, you’ll surely be able to get on the ‘good and neat’ side of everyone without you even knowing it. That’s golden, isn’t it?

  1. Career Wise

Imagine yourself going to work and wearing pajamas, will your boss, co-worker or clients take you seriously? Well, maybe, if you are as geeky and bright as Mr. Zuckerberg. Sadly, you are not. So most probably, no one will take you seriously.

So if you want that promotion, start dressing up like you are the boss. Change your hairstyle to a modern 2016 look. Put on a new cologne. Feel you’re the boss with your new look, and then you will get it.

  1. Attraction

Human nature demands that attraction from people is important and essential for living. How will you get this attraction if you won’t look good, right? Good.

Now, go shopping, pamper yourself and change your hairstyle. It’s time to be the Queen and King of the night and catch eyes.

  1. Dress to impress

The motto when writing is write to express but for beauty, it is dress to impress. You need to look good to impress people. This may seem too conformist but no, it is not. If you look good, people will be able to know that you are someone who cannot be easily put down. With your impressive looks, you’ll be sure to get that trust and assurance from people.

  1. Confidence

Last but the most important.

By looking good, you get to boost your confidence. And when you look good, you know that people’s eyes are on you and that you have their attention. You’ll feel good about yourself and with that feeling, you are given the urge to do anything you want, to reach for your dreams and whatever goals you have in life. Once you get that confidence, you also start to be happy inside. Yes. Confidence is happiness.

Go ahead. Look good, feel good and be happy.