7 Reasons to Drink Warm Salt Water Every Morning


To many in the West, the idea of drinking warm salt water every day for health benefits sounds absurd. This is because what many Westerners think of as “salt” is actually highly refined and processed, nutrient poor and really is bad for the health. Drinking sole, however, which is a warm solution made with unrefined salt, truly does bring many health benefits, not the least of which is providing many important vitamin and minerals. Seven reasons to begin this practice every morning are discussed below.


Again, drinking a saline solution may sound counter-intuitive, but it really can help with hydration. While people are encouraged to push fluids, too much plain water can actually be a problem for the body since it can cause over-dilution of minerals and electrolytes and not only stress the body but slow the metabolic rate. A glass of sole can help replenish this nutrients and it is more naturally and easily absorbed by the body.


Drinking sole can also help improve a sluggish digestive system, since it stimulates the salivary glands to produce amylase, an important enzyme which helps begin to break down the food you eat efficiently. When it reaches the stomach, sole also helps stimulate both enzymes and hydrochloric acids, both of which also help improve the digestive process. It has the same stimulating effect upon the liver and intestines as well, making digestion as a whole more efficient.


The sole drink can also help restore a natural rhythm of restful sleep. Salt is known to have an inhibitory effect on cortisol and adrenaline, both of which are stress-related hormones which can cause insomnia. The mineral in sole, too, can help have a soothing and calming effect upon the body and will go a long way to promoting a good night’s sleep.


Detoxification is all the rage nowadays as people realize how many long-term health benefits it can bring, and one of the easiest and gentlest ways to do with is by imbibing sole. Its detoxifying properties come from the fact that it is mineral-rich and also has mild antimicrobial properties that can also rid the body of bacteria.

Bone Health

One theory in regards to the cause of osteoporosis is that, if the body is acidic, it will seek to restore its pH balance to a healthy level and do this by taking calcium from the bones and using it to neutralize acid in the bloodstream. Drinking sole can improve bone health since it has an alkalizing effect upon the blood.

Skin Health

Sole contains minerals that have been proven beneficial to the skin. Chromium can help reduce the chance of developing a skin infection and can also treat a dry scalp, while sulfur can keep skin clear and smooth and zinc can help promote wound healing.

Mineral Deficiency

Mineral deficiencies can lead to long-term conditions if they are not corrected, and without sufficient amounts of minerals in the body, no system will work its best. And because of a poor diet with many processed foods, mineral deficiencies are more common than ever. Sole can go a long way to help treat that.

So try sole in the morning, and start to reap the benefits of this natural, healthful drink.

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