7 Reasons to Drink Echinacea Tea Daily


Echinacea is an herb which is native to eastern and central North America and was used by Native Americans to help cure many ailments. Echinacea tea is used as a traditional herbal treatment for relieving ailments from immune system problems. Both the roots and the above-ground parts of the plant have been found to contain substances that stimulate our immune system and help fight off infections.

Simple Echinacea Tea Recipe


1 part fresh Echinacea leaves, flowers and/or root
1 part grated ginger root
Some honey or lemon according to taste


Let the Echinacea and ginger infuse for 15 minutes in a teapot.
After 15 minutes, pour some tea into a cup and add honey or lemon to taste.

7 Reasons to Drink Echinacea Tea Daily

Cures Inflammation

Studies have demonstrated that echinacea tea has powerful natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help deal with the issue. A study published in 2009 showed that consuming echinacea tea could help ease numerous types of inflammation.

Preventing Colds

There’s some evidence that taking echinacea may reduce your risk of catching colds. According to study people who took echinacea reduced their risk of contracting a cold by as much as 58%.

Respiratory Conditions

The anti-inflammatory capacity of echinacea extends to the respiratory tracts, so for those patients who regularly suffer from conditions like bronchitis, echinacea can help to reduce the irritation and mucus deposition in those tracts, thereby helping you to heal faster.

Fights Infection

Consuming echinacea tea has powerful effects against a range of infections. It can help treat infections ranging from gum disease to malaria and syphilis. When applied topically studies show that it is effective against recurring vaginal yeast infections while it is often prescribed for infections of the urinary tract.

Boosts your immune system

Drinking echinacea tea activates T-cell renewal and helps with the production of antibodies and interferon, known for blocking viral infections.

Prevents Cancer

Echinacea has been connected to preventing cancer because it stimulates the body’s immune system to eliminate cancerous cells.

Treats Herpes & Candida

There is the possibility that if taken properly, echinacea tea can be used with other treatments to combat herpes and candida. The herb has been known to help white blood cells fight disease and germs, causing the effects of certain ailments to lower in intensity.






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