7 Natural Remedies That Will Heal Cold Sores Quick


Cold sores almost 80% off the population gets them and I will guess that 100% of us never want to experience the shame of one again. The cool thing if there was a cool thing about them is that natural remedies seem to work more effectively to cure cold sores than even medication. I really want to highlight some of the natural remedies that you can use to get rid of cold sores quickly.

These are some of the home remedies I have used and can attest to the effectiveness of

Tea Tree Oil

A powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial tea tree oil can make the HSV virus that is fueling the cold sore to go dormant quickly speeding up the healing time by days. Just apply a little bit directly on the cold sore 2-3 times throughout the day.


Most of us have it in our medicine cabinet alcohol can kill the virus and dry out the cold sore quickly. Apply 3-5 times throughout the day with a cotton ball and watch as that nasty cold sore dries up and scabs over.


Black and green tea are high in tannins which are a powerful anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. Make your self a nice cup of tea and then remove the tea bag and let it cool, use the moist teabag as a compress holding it directly on the cold sore.

100% Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract when 100% natural is one of the natural worlds most powerful anti-viral substances. I highly recommend trying it next time you feel a cold sore coming on sometimes it can prevent it all together and regardless it will shorten the life span of this affliction.

Lemon Balm

Probably the most classic cold sore remedy if you ask 10 people what to do about a cold sore I would expect 3 or more to say try lemon balm. I feel it’s popularity comes from the simple fact that it works. Not only is lemon balm a natural anti-viral it also will speed the rate at which your skin heals after the virus is gone.

Sea Salt Solution

Maybe not the best option for a cold sore but it does work and has the advantage of always being in your house. Just 1/2 tsp. of salt dissolved in a 8 oz. cup of warm water can be applied with a cotton ball throughout the day to help treat a cold sore.


Last but not least if you want to get rid of these things fast might I suggest a alkalyn diet high in antioxidants and raw food also be sure to drink a lot of water as dehydration can rapidly create a acidic environment in your body.

I hope you found this article helpful. Let me know what home remedies you use for cold sores in the comments bellow!



Nicholas Eberle