7 Natural Beauty Oils You Need to Know About


From ancient times, women have used a variety of oils to enhance the beauty of their hair, skin and nails. Modern women, it seems, are only now beginning to regain this knowledge of how to use oils to beautiful and nourish themselves naturally and without harsh, unhealthy chemicals that are the ingredients in many commercial beauty products. Below are seven that you should know about and consider incorporating into your beauty routine.

Keratin Oil
Keratin is a protein which is naturally found in healthy hair, skin and teeth. Used in an oil, it is easily applied and can help women whose hair is dull, coarse or frizzy and make it instead manageable, sleek and radiant. It is available in a number of hair care products.

Argan Oil
Also known as Moroccan oil, argan oil and keratin oil are actually one and the same, but they are used slightly differently. It, too, is a protein-rich oil which nourishes and reduces frizz and coarseness, but keratin oil is generally used for more intensive hair repair whereas argan oil typically is not. It is, however, a great conditioner for the skin as well.

Castor Oil
While it is not so well-known in the United States, castor oil has been used by women in India for centuries and with good reason. It stimulates thick, full hair growth and is an excellent conditioner for the scalp. When used on the skin, its high Vitamin E content can help reduce dark circles under the eyes.

Jojoba Oil
Oil from the seeds of the jojoba plants have been used by women in Mexico and the Southwest for centuries. Jojoba is a natural moisturizer and because it can help regulate the amount of oil your skin produces, it is an ideal treatment for women whose skin or scalp gets oily easily. It is also very nourishing.

Grapeseed Oil
Grapeseed oil is another oil that is wonderful for beauty treatments. Made from the oil from crushed grape seeds, its nourishing properties stem from the fact that it is rich in Vitamin E and will thus help treat acne and other blemishes while warding off wrinkles as well.

Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil can only be used as a topical treatment and needs to be kept where children cannot reach it. However, it is a wonderful tonic for the skin and helps to control sebum production and thus prevent flare-ups for those who are prone to acne.

Coconut Oil
Rich in Vitamin E as well as antioxidants, coconut oil is a wonderful treatment for the skin and hair. It leaves both feeling soft and conditioned and is perfect for skin that is acne-prone or showing the effects of aging.

So consider the use of one or more of these oils to incorporate into your beauty routine. They are all natural ways to ensure soft and healthy hair, nails and skin and avoid some of the more unpleasant additives found in commercial products.

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