7 Must Haves For Your Outdoor Party


Hosting an outdoor party can be exciting and fun. It may be to celebrate a special occasion or a fundraiser. Regardless of why you host the event, you need to offer the basics for your guests. Getting these 7 necessities in place will help the rest of your plans fall into place easier. It will also ensure your guests have a very good time.


You don’t have to spend a ton of money on the decorations for your outdoor event. Identify a theme that is simple but effective for your event. Then you can search for decorations that fit it well. Less is more in this department, and you can find plenty of disposable items to work with. You can simply toss them out after the event is over.

Food and Drinks

Guests are going to expect plenty of food and drinks for an outdoor event. Offer a variety of food items they can pick from. Think about items that they can eat with their hands or without too much difficulty. Always offer an abundance of water for such outdoor events so everyone can stay hydrated. Is it formal dining or will it be finger foods? Even for large parties there are easy to make food ideas that will leave your guests wanting more!

You can opt to offer other beverages including soft drinks, tea, and punch. Depending on your event and your guest list, you may decide to offer alcohol. Make sure your guests know if it will be offered or not. They also need to know if it is included in the cost or if they need to buy those beverages separately.

Plenty of Room

The set up for your outdoor event needs to be comfortable and relaxed. You don’t want too many people crowded into a small area. Will you be offering tables and chairs for them to sit down? Make sure you have enough chairs to accommodate your guest list. If you are hosting a concert that is standing room only, you still need some locations where guests can go sit down and relax or enjoy their food.

If you rent an outdoor venue, make sure you pay attention to the maximum capacity information. Take that number of people into consideration when you are deciding on your guest list. You may have to cut down the invites or get a larger location. Many places will let you rent outdoor seating for your event.


If you outdoor event will be taking place in the evening, you need to have sufficient lighting. If you rent a venue, this should be offered to you as part of your rental. Make sure you know how to work the lighting so they can be turned on at the right time. You can make the necessary lighting you need part of your decorations too.


Your guests are going to be drawn to the entertainment portion of your outdoor event. It doesn’t matter if it is a carnival, a concert, or other type of event. Think about the entertainment you will offer. It needs to be fitting for all of your guests. Think about who they are and what you want to offer to them. If it is a family oriented event, you need to make sure the entertainment is appropriate for all ages.


Don’t overlook some of the necessities your guests are going to have. When they attend your outdoor event, they will need to use the bathroom. You can rent portable washrooms that make it easy for everyone to take care of this need. Look for those that include hand sanitizer or a hand washing station. Your guests will appreciate this additional feature! Rent enough portable bathrooms to provide your guests with access. They aren’t going to be happy waiting in long lines to use the bathroom. You can strategically place them around the venue for convenience. It is a good idea to rent a few of the larger sized ADA approved models too.

Trash Receptacles

If the location for the outdoor event doesn’t have trash receptacles, you need to put them out there. Your guests need a place to throw away their items during the event. Otherwise, you will have a disgusting mess to clean up afterwards. Make sure they are placed around the venue so people have access to them often. Check them throughout the event too so they aren’t overflowing with trash.

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