7 Houseplants That Prevent Insomnia & Purify Your Air Naturally


Sleep is as essential to human life as breathing and eating. Without proper sleep, the body just can’t function. Plants take in carbon dioxide which we breathe out and use it to produce it’s food and in return it give out fresh oxygen which we breathe. Fresh supply of oxygen helps us to get a good night’s sleep and here are some plants you can have in your home to help fight insomnia.

7 Houseplants That Prevent Insomnia & Purify Your Air Naturally

Lavender is very popular due to its common use in beauty and body care products. However, this amazing plant has a fantastic smell which has a relaxing and calmative effect, so inhaling it can improve your sleep. Moreover, it effectively treats anxiety and insomnia.

Snake plant
This amazing plant filters the air at your home and provides oxygen in great quantities. To be more precise, this plant produces oxygen overnight and it absorbs the carbon dioxide we exhale at the same time. Therefore, having a shake plant in your bedroom will significantly improve your sleep by ameliorating the air.

English Ivy
English ivy has long been a popular houseplant. It is easy to grow and does not need much sun to flourish. Ivy is a powerful air filter, capable of absorbing large amounts of formaldehyde. Keeping it in your bedroom will significantly improve your sleep.

Passion flower
Herbalists consider passion flower an important herb for insomnia caused by mental worry, overwork, or nervous exhaustion. In England it is an ingredient in forty different commonly-sold sedative preparations. Passion flower is used for minor sleep problems in both children and adults.

Aloe Plant
Aloe plant offers many benefits, including eradicating chemicals from the cleaning agents that pollute the air you breathe, cleansing the air in the bedroom and in the whole house. This plant works as a harmful chemicals detector, because once the amount of these dangerous chemicals in your home becomes high, brown spots appear on this plant and thus it informs you and warns you about the seriousness of the situation.

The tops of these pretty daisy-like flowers are have been used to make a calming and soothing tea for hundreds of years. The same tops are also used to make extracts, capsules and pills. Chamomile as a topical cream is also quite effective at reducing inflammation, redness and itchiness of the skin and the scalp.


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