7 Homemade Garden Remedies that Pro Gardeners Love


When it comes to nontoxic homemade garden remedies, sometimes the simplest things offer the biggest benefits. In fact, some homemade solutions are especially useful for an organic vegetable garden and can help it flourish without resorting to synthetic or processed gardening solutions.

7 Homemade Garden Remedies that Are Nontoxic and Effective

Here are a few of the smartest homemade garden remedies that pro gardeners use and that you may have never considered. They are well worth implementing this year in your spring gardening efforts whether it’s for organic vegetable gardening or simply used to beautify your flower garden.

1. Garlic spray keeps fungus away

This is a homemade concoction that professional gardeners swear by. Crush it up and add it to your water supply just once a week. It acts as a preventive measure to stop the occurrence of fungus that can often occur. Also, plant extra garlic cloves among your plants to discourage fungus growth.

2. Epsom salts and ammonia for a weed killer

Weeds not only choke out plant growth, but they can also compromise the look of a beautiful garden and soak up important nutrients. Easily get rid of weeds with this homemade weed killer. Just mix a solution of ammonia and Epsom salts together and spray on the offending weeds. Voila! They’re dead. Love this formula and so easy to use!

3. Lemon spray for aphids

Got a problem with aphids in your garden? Mix a cocktail of lemon juice and water in a spray bottle. Shake well and spray to your heart’s content. Pesky aphids will disappear and you’ll be well on the way to a hearty garden harvest.

4. Rose garden hack

You want to plant roses, but they never seem to grow straight…and that drives you crazy! Here’s an amazing hack that will MAKE your roses straighten up and salute. Just take a potato, poke a hole in it and place the rose’s stern in the potato. Plant the WHOLE thing. Growth will occur in no time. Plus, you’ll have a rose that doesn’t grow crooked and out of control.

5. Bug soap

Yep, soaping the bugs really works. Just use your home dish washing detergent or use an organic green dish washing solution and mix with water in a hand sprayer. Use this solution to spray on the leaves of any plants that are hosting bugs throughout the grow season. Bugs hate soap and it doesn’t hurt your plants. When it rains, it washes away anyway and provides a deterrent to unwanted critters.

6. Powdery mildew disease treatment

A common problem with vegetable gardening is powdery mildew disease that can creep on the leaves and eventually cover them with a milky-looking fungus. An easy way to treat this common problem is to mix equal parts water and cow’s milk in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on your affected plants every other week for a total of three treatments to get rid of the fungus.

7. Use coffee grounds for a quick nutrient boost

If you’re a coffee drinker, don’t waste those coffee grounds. Spread your coffee grounds over your soil. This provides additional oxidation and nutrients. It also helps to provide adequate drainage to soil and encourages microorganism growth, which is important to good composting. So, toss those coffee grounds into your garden!

The benefits of using nontoxic homemade garden remedies for your organic vegetable garden or flower garden are worth the small efforts. You can save money, avoid harmful commercial pesticides and enjoy organic, nutritious produce throughout the grow season.

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