7 Health Conditions Can Be Detected By Your Eyes


The eyes are more than just windows to your soul. Your eyes can also provide insight into your overall health. With a simple look into the eyes, early detection of possible health conditions is possible. Early detection could mean earlier treatment, which in the end could mean better health for you in the future. If you are wondering, what health conditions can be detected by a simple look into the eyes keep on reading, you are in for a surprise.

Extremely Stressed Out

If your life has been full of physical and mental stressed your eyes will tell you. They tell you by become red, puffy and sometimes even blurry. Blurred vision is related to fluid buildup within in the eyes due to being overly stressed. If your eyes are wonky it is time to find time for some pure relaxation before tackling life’s callings again. You could do this by taking a warm bath with some aromatherapy oils, listening to music, getting some much needed sleep or sipping on a cup of tea.

You Have Elevated Blood Pressure

Anytime you are suffering from high blood pressure, changes in the eyes can occur within the tiny blood vessels of the retinas, which could either cause them to narrow or enlarge in size. Changes in the retinas could also mean you have brain, kidney or heart issues also, which is why it’s best to seek out medical attention immediately.

You are Suffering from Severe Inflammation

Anytime your eyes are achy and bloodshot for more than a week at a time it could mean you are suffering from not only inflammation of the eyes, but also severe inflammation within the body. Some inflammatory disease you could be suffering from are asthma, crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis or psoriasis.

Your Thyroid is not Working Properly

Whenever the eyes bulge or sink into the face it could mean you are suffering from a serious thyroid condition. The only way to find out if you are is to visit your doctor for a medical exam and some test.

You May Have Diabetes has Invaded the Body

Most of the time those suffering from diabetes also suffer from eye problems such as blurred vision, loss of vision, weakened blood vessels in the retina and extreme dryness. If your eyes are being wonky like the symptoms mentioned it could be because you have diabetes so it’s time to get test so you can find out.

Allergens are Attacking Your Body

Dark circles under the eyes, watery itching or burning eyes, puffiness around the eye areas or horrible eye pains or pressures could mean your suffering from of allergies. The only ay to prevent allergies is to stay away from allergens if possible and to take antihistamines.

You May Have a Poorly Functioning Nervous System

When the eyelids droop or twitch constantly it could mean your nervous system is compromised by a disorder such as chronic inflammation of the brain or a condition known as optic neuritis. Getting proper medical treatment for anything affecting the nervous system is essential since this system involves the brain, which is an essential organ for living a happy healthy life.

End Notes for the Eyes Telling All

As you have just learned, the eyes are clues to your current overall health and may even be able to help detect conditions early so you can be treated as soon as possible if anything is wrong. Early treatment from any condition could restore your health back to almost perfection or even save your life.

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