7 Habits That Increase Stomach Fat


Stomach fat is a nuisance, especially when bikini season is upon us. But without realizing it, we harbor some habits that make it difficult to trim our waistline with exercise and diet. Here are the seven habits that can add to your waistline; kick these habits to quickly achieve the hourglass stats you want.

1- Regular carbonated drinks

Research has shown people who drink one or more cans of soda gain weight five times faster than those who barely drink a can of soda per week.

  • Why: Even drinking diet soda doesn’t particularly work; they contain high amounts of artificial sugar, which, like all the sugar in regular sodas, trigger food craving and you end up overeating during the meals.
  • Solution: If you are craving a satisfying drink, have a glass of fresh fruit juice or smoothie; you cut down on a lot of sugar and also add a bit of nutrition. This will help keep belly fat at bay!

2- Eating off larger plates

  • Why: In a buffet or regular mealtime, take smaller plates. In a survey based on obese candidates, it has been found that people like to eat off larger plates over smaller or medium sized plates as the larger plates allow them to pile on more food per serving. When you eat a large pile of food, instead of small helpings, you load up on extra calories that turn into belly fat.
  • Solution: Use small plates and if you have had enough, don’t go back for seconds.

3- Dining late

  • Why: When you sleep, some of our biological systems tune down. The digestive system is one of these systems. So, when you go to sleep soon after dining late, burning all the calories you just consumed is out of question. Apart from that, a reclined stomach can lead to acid reflux and indigestion.
  • Solution: Eating small meals at least three hours before sleeping is ideal; if you are hungry in the middle of the night, eat a small helping of fruit instead of a sugary treat. If you want to reduce belly fat, make sure you eat smaller helpings before you hit the sack!

4- Eating due to bad emotions

Some of us vent anger, sadness or such emotional distress by binge eating.

  • Why: Absent-mindedly shoving ice-cream or a decadent cake down your throat is while ruing about something completely different may satisfy you for some time. But the amount of workout and diet, you have to invest in to get rid of these calories is possibly not worth the momentary satisfaction.
  • Solution: Next time you’re upset, talk to a friend and drink a glass of water or go for a walk.

5-Consuming low fat foods often

Many dieters know that the secret to effective dieting is eating small meals often.

  • Why: Avocados, seeds and olive oil are loaded in monounsaturated fats, which is good fat and they can even help you slim your waistline. Whereas low-fat foods often contain added sugar to compensate flavor which, when taken in increased frequency, can ultimately fatten you.
  • Solution: When you eat often, however small the portion may be, check the fat content of the food.

6- Sleeping less

  • Why: Without sleep, the concentration of stress hormone, cortisol increases in your body. This leads to craving sugary food, which can lead to loading up on extra calories. Sleeping well at night also boosts the level of leptin in your bloodstream, which helps in controlling appetite and helps combat belly fat.
  • Solution: To keep the cortisol level in check, adults should ideally get seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

7- Not eating enough proteins

  • Why: When you consume proteins, you balance your blood sugar and reduce insulin level while increasing the metabolic rate. Proteins also help control the appetite inducing hormones, so you don’t overeat during meals. Eating proteins also makes you feel fuller for longer, so you don’t eat high calorie snacks every now and then. So protein slims you down naturally.
  • Solution: Healthy adults should have at least 20 to 25 grams of protein per meal, though it varies from person to person depending on body size and activity. Men should consume 10 more grams of protein for staying in good shape.

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