7 Fruits With Highest Calories


Normally fruits tend to be as lower-calorie foods, while some are surprisingly high in calories. Eating these foods can not be a smart choice if you are looking for a healthy way to lose weight, so it’s better to limit your consumption of these delicious fruits if you’re concerned about calories.

Based on 100 gram serving:

No.1. Tamarinds – 239 calories

Tamarinds are enriched with sugar and calories while the good news is they are also packed with lots of essential minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper and magnesium. In addition, this prized spice is also rich in many vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and thiamin.

No.2. Avocados – 160 calories

Avocados are high in calories, but that doesn’t mean that they are bad for your health. Actually, this fruit is a nutritional powerhouse with lots of potential health benefits: A medium avocado contains more protein than other types of fruits(about 4 grams), they’re packed with potassium, vitamin K, vitamin B, vitamin C as well as dietary fiber. All of these properties, making this fruit do well in improving overall health, such as reducing the risk of diabetes, preventing cancer, lowering cholesterol levels and promoting weight loss.

No.3. Durian – 147 calories

This fruit is widely revered as the “King of Fruits” and very popular for its smell and taste. Many people stay away from it because of its unique characteristics while others are totally drawn into it. If you’re one of those who like this fruit, you’re providing your body with:

  • Dietary fiber (3.8g in every 100 grams)
  • Antioxidant vitamin C (about 33% of RDA)
  • B-complex groups of vitamins (vitamin B5, vitamin B-6 and vitamin B-1)
  • Minerals including potassium, manganese, iron, copper

No.4. Sapotes – 134 calories

Sapote is a tasty calorie-rich fruit belonging to the category of fruits like banana, mango and jack fruit.

  • It’s high in vitamin A which helps in improving vision, even for elders;
  • It’s a good source of energy as the high rate of glucose inside of it provides instant energy to the body;
  • It’s packed with calcium, iron and phosphorus, which are essential to strengthen the bones;
  • Being a potent sedative, it helps people with mental health issues, including depression, insomnia, stress and anxiety;
  • It’s enriched with antioxidants, making it as a good anti-aging agent. It’s effective in reducing wrinkles, slowing down the process of aging and beneficial for maintaining good hair health too.

No.5. American persimmons – 127 calories

Persimmon is a popular fruit because of its sweet taste, and they have a wealth of health benefits including its ability to improve the vision, slow down the aging process, prevent types of cancer, boost your immune system, increase the metabolism, lower blood pressure and strengthen your bones too.

No.6. Plantains – 122 calories

Plantains belong to the same family as banana, but if you want higher potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and omega-3’s, plantains are a better choice than bananas. They are delicious, nutrients dense and can be found in many places in the world. They have to be cooked to be eaten and can provide enough energy for the body.

If compare it with banana:

  • Plantains have more vitamin C (18.4 mg in plantains and 8.7mg in bananas per 100 grams)
  • Plantains have more vitamin A (1127 IU in Plantains and 64 IU in bananas per 100 grams)
  • Plantains have more potassium (499 mg in plantains and 358 mg in bananas per 100 grams)

Plus, plantains also contain folates (folic acid) which are essential for healthy pregnancy.

No.7. Breadfruit – 103 calories

Like other tropical fruits, breadfruit is also with lots of calories. 100 grams fresh fruit contains 103 calories, while if you want more fiber and potassium from fruits, then choose breadfruit as it has more vitamin C, potassium and fiber than the jack fruit. And breadfruit has moderated levels of essential minerals and vitamins too, such as thiamin, niacin,copper, zinc, iron and magnesium.

Other high-calorie fruits:

  • Custard-apple – 101 calories
  • Purple passion-fruit – 97 calories
  • Jackfruit – 94 calories
  • Bananas – 89 calories
  • Pomegranates – 83 calories
  • Sapodilla – 83 calories

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