7 Foods that Fight Inflammation and Belly Fat


Chronic inflammation and abdominal fat are both risk factors for disease like diabetes and cardiac disease and raise a red flag about a person’s long-term health. Fortunately, there are many things which people can include in their diets which can help fight off both. Read on to find out more about seven of the best foods to reduce inflammation and shrink the waistline.

Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables of all kinds can help fight inflammation throughout the body due to the fact that they are rich in nutrients and high in fiber. To make sure this is truly effective, people should “strive for five” – in other words, make sure they get five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Particularly good foods to include are vegetables like broccoli, spinach and mushrooms and fruits like apples, berries, papaya and pineapples.

Green Tea
Green tea is wonderful for both fighting inflammation and helping to decrease abdominal girth. It is rich in flavonoids, natural compounds which are power anti-inflammatory and also contains a chemical called FGCG, which has been shown to boost the metabolism and decrease body fat.

Monounsaturated Fat-Rich Foods
Foods rich in the “good” monounsaturated fats can also help fight off the damaged done by inflammation. In addition to this, these fats can help lower the levels of harmful LDL cholesterol while raising the beneficial HDL cholesterol which actually helps to clean the arteries and prevent the onset of cardiac disease.

Foods High in Omega-Fatty Acids
Studies have revealed a link between reduced inflammation and a diet that is both high in Omega-3 fatty acids while being low in Omega-6 fatty acids. There are many dietary sources of the Omega-3’s, which also contribute to heart health. They include walnuts, flaxseed and fatty fish like salmon.

Not only do spices add interest and flavor to foods from cuisines all over the world, many of them have powerful anti-inflammatory properties as well. Some of the most potent of these spices include garlic, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and chili peppers. They can be added to foods regularly or even taken in pill form as a supplement.

One of the simplest ways to decrease inflammation is simply to keep hydrated. Drinking at least 64 ounces of water a daily helps to flush out toxins from the body which can prompt an inflammatory response. It is important to remember, however, to add an extra 8 ounces of water to the daily intake for every 30 minutes of exercise.

Whole Grains
Whole grains like brown rice, barley and whole wheat products are high in fiber, which helps to modulate the body’s insulin response. They are also rich in Vitamin B, which help to lower a hormone called homocystine, which can also provoke inflammation.

Inflammation and abdominal fat can serve as warning signs that the body is at an increased risk for serious, chronic health conditions. However, it is possible to help reduce both through adding foods like those discussed above to the diet, and not only feel better by prevent the development of cardiac disease or diabetes.

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