7 Foods to Detox the Lungs


The lungs are a vital organ to the overall health of one’s body. Oxygen is the main element which helps to detoxify the entire body. If the lungs are not fully cleansed and functioning at 100%, then the amount of oxygen that the body takes in will not be enough to keep the body strong and healthy. Once a person cleanses the lungs, then the entire body will experience an increased immunity and build a protective shield against the negative elements and toxins all around.

Spicy Foods – Mexican Dishes

Spicy foods are well known in helping to eliminate colds and coughs, which always seem to spread out to the lungs. Eliminating toxins from the lungs can be as simple as eating spicy foods every other day for a few weeks. Include red and black pepper in the foods you make as well. You can also make other spicy foods like chili, tarragon chicken, or even add other spices such as turmeric, which is a well known spice that is used to detox the body.


Garlic has been used for ages to help cleanse the entire body of all types of bacteria and is very effective. Making garlic tea mixed with honey and lemon on a daily basis will help you get it down as garlic can be very potent. You can also find garlic supplements at the nutrition store. Garlic is used against infections such as the cold and flu.

Pistachios – Vitamin E

Pistachios are a great source of Vitamin E and may even help protect against certain lung cancers. Nuts of any kind are healthy and do not promote weight gain despite the high fat content. The body needs this healthy fat content anyhow.


Ginger is a great spice and herb that can be found in many herbal teas, or can be added to your daily juicing regime. It’s also great for digestive issues and physical pain on top of increasing the body’s overall immunity.

Licorice Root

Licorice Root is another herb that is found in many herbal detoxes and teas because of the great benefits it provides. You don’t have to worry about the pungent taste when drinking it in tea form or taking supplements. If you like the taste of licorice root, then you can consume it in any form and reap the benefits.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Green vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and kale can help to cleanse the lungs. Any vegetable has very high contents of both vitamins and minerals of many types which help to increase the immune system function.

Lemons and Limes

Lemons and limes may feel acidic going down, but overall they actually increase the PH levels in the body. This alkalizing effect brings strength to the body and helps to detox every organ, including the lungs. A higher PH level also pushes the flow of lymph which helps to cleanse the blood. An overall detoxifying effect takes place when drinking healthy mineral water and adding a few squeezes of lemon and lime.

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