7 Essential Oils For Anxiety, Depression & Attention Disorders


Anxiety, depression and attention disorders are on the rise. The causes may be two-fold, first simply because we live in a culture saturated with unimportant things. We have thousands of choices we can make every day, from the foods we eat to products for our home and health. Marketing campaigns reach for our hearts, showing that we will be happy if we just purchase their goods and services.

Despite their name, essential oils are not in fact oily, but rather clear and less slick than their name implies. Not quite watery, but not oily either. When blended correctly, essential oils are highly concentrated and should be diluted before applying directly to your skin.

7 Power Packed Essential Oils Having Remarkable Medicinal Properties


It is soothing, eases depression and calms the nervous system. Its relaxing and rejuvenating benefits make this a perfect addition to your bath, diffuser or massage oil. Relieves headaches, migraines and nervous tension. Lavender is anti-bacterial, and therefore, great for skin and scalp issues including open wounds, cystic acne, insect bites, burns, dandruff and skin/hair care products. This e.o. decongests the sinus and respiratory systems. Lavender is popular for its pleasant fragrance and optimal for meditation given its association with the sixth chakra/third eye/pineal gland.


Lemon supports the sympathetic nervous system. It is naturally high in vitamin c and antioxidants. It supports the elimination of internal parasites. Externally, lemon e.o. lightens liver spots and facial pigmentation; it also works as a natural astringent. It is anti-bacterial and anti-infectious: a diffuser can kill meningococcus bacteria in 15 minutes, typhoid bacilli in 1 hour, staphylococcus aureus in 2 hours and pneumococcus bacteria in 3 hours (Valnet).


Peppermint boosts energy and mental alertness; it is especially helpful if you are trying to eliminate caffeine or sugar as it will give you that natural boost of energy you’re accustomed to receiving. It also relieves headaches. Peppermint is anti-bacterial and assists with food poisoning, IBS and other digestive ailments. Use this potent e.o. for tooth and gum infections as it kills bacteria.”


It is an optimal e.o. to keep in your office as it stimulates mental alertness. It’s also renowned for improving memory. Rosemary assists the adrenal system and helps with asthma, bronchitis, headache, arthritis and gout. It can increase intuition. Rosemary stimulates hair growth, promotes scalp health and reduces cellulite. Studies have shown rosemary e.o. effective in fighting ovarian and liver cancer cells among others.



Frankincense essential oil may be helpful in alleviating symptoms of depression. I apply Frankincense to my face every day, it’s excellent and nourishing to the skin plus it gives a boost to my psyche. Frankincense can be diffused to improve concentration and mental clarity. Because of this quality, it would be a great choice for using when a student needs to get homework done

Tea Tree Oil

It has anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-parasitic and anti-septic properties, making this oil the top choice for practically EVERYTHING! It regenerates skin tissue, and so it is ideal for burns, lesions, insect bites, deep wounds, acne, cold sores, fungal infections, dry scalp, lice, eczema, psoriasis and athlete’s foot. For yeast/bacterial infections, you can make your own natural vaginal suppositories by mixing 3 drops tea tree oil into 1 tsp coconut oil and keep in the refrigerator to harden until ready for use. Tea tree e.o. also fights toxic mold when used as a spray or in a diffuser.

Castor Oil

A castor oil pack is placed on the skin to increase circulation and to promote elimination and healing of the tissues and organs underneath the skin. It is used to stimulate the liver, relieve pain, increase lymphatic circulation, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion.

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