7 Easy Ways to Cleanse Your Body and Boost Immune System on a Daily Basis


While your body benefits from a fresh, whole food detox cure, there is nothing better than detoxing on a daily basis. These 7 ways can easily be incorporated into your daily routine and will have a tremendous effect on your health.

1.      Start your day with lukewarm lemon water

The easiest way to improve your health and help your body to eliminate more toxins is through drinking lukewarm lemon water first thing in the morning. It kick starts digestion and slowly wakes your body for the day ahead. Click here to check out my previous post for 15 more reasons why you should drink lemon water every day.

2.      Drink enough water and healing teas

Throughout the day drink plenty of plain water (with or without fresh lemon juice) or healing herbal teas to strengthen your filtering organs and help flush out more toxins through your urine. Or if you live in the tropics like me, opt for loads of fresh coconut water.

3.      Exercise

Try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Simple yoga stretches or going for a walk will do the trick. Exercise increases blood and lymph flow, and toxin elimination. Also loads of waste materials will be eliminated through your sweat.

4.      Dry Skin Brushing

Another great, cheap, and easy way to increasecirculation of lymph and blood is dry brushing. It only takes 5 minutes of your time and is extremely effective in keeping your skin healthy, boosting the immune system and eliminating more toxins.

For more info on how to dry skin brush, click here.

5.      Up your fiber intake

Soluble fibers found in vegetables and fruits have the amazing power to bind and eliminate toxins from your gut. Make sure to eat at least 5-7 servings a day. It also adds up to your water intake.

6.      Eat whole organic foods as much as possible

Not only is it important to detox your body on a daily basis, avoiding toxins entering your body is equally important.  Although I know that eating organic all the time can be very expensive, opt for organic products as much as your budget allows. Click here to read my previous article about how to eat clean, organic food without breaking the bank.

7.      Be mindful about what you apply onto your skin

Many commercially available cosmetics or household products contain harsh chemicals that may end up in your system. Opt for organic products or try and make your own safe alternatives.

Do your body a big favor and keep these 7 tips in mind. They won’t consume much of your time and are easy to incorporate.

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Amy Goodrich
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