7 Best Teas for Weight Loss


When most people think about weight loss tea, they generally think of those which have a laxative effect. While this may be justified in the short term for digestive complaints, overuse or long-term use of any form of laxative can cause serious long-term digestive issues – including things like chronic and severe constipation — and there are other teas available that help with weight loss safely and naturally. Seven of those teas are listed below.

Pu-Erh Tea
Pu-Erh tea is not well known to many Americans but it is gaining the attention of many nutritionists and weight loss coaches. It contains enzyme-activating compounds that provide energy and help burn fat and is has been linked to lower cholesterol levels as well.

White Tea
While its green cousin gets most of the attention, white tea, too, can aid weight loss. Its active ingredients contain compounds which help boost the metabolism and it can also help calm stress. This is especially good if drunk in the afternoon.

While oolong is related to black and green teas, the way it is processed is different and it is rich in polyphenols which enable the body to burn more fat. It also helps promote bone strength and improves the skin.

Hibiscus Tea
Hibiscus tea – made from the flowers of the same name – is also recommended for weight loss. This tea contains phaseolamin, an enzyme which helps the body break down carbohydrates more efficiently and promote lean body mass.

Green Teas
Of course, no article on teas for weight loss would be complete with a discussion of green tea. Its active ingredient, epigallacatechin gallate or EGCG, promotes fat burning and boosts the metabolism as well as overall energy levels.

Rose Tea
While this has not yet caught on in a big way in the United States, tea made from rose hips in another effective (and delicious) diet aid. It promotes healthy digestion, which means that the body uses nutrients and breaks down food more efficiently and aid in weight loss.

Yerba Mate
This tea has longed been used in its native South American for a number of ailments and also as a weight loss aid. It acts by stimulating the metabolism and increasing overall energy levels, so that you can stay active and your body can burn fat efficiently.

Thus, there are safe and effective weight loss teas that do not have a laxative effect and thus avoid the long-term damage to the digestive system that overuse of laxatives can bring with it. Most of the teas act simply by stimulating processes already in use in your body – metabolism, digestion, the breaking-down of fats – and thus are more wholesome to use on a daily basis. So get your kettle started and enjoy!

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