7 Best Herbs for Boosting Metabolism and Helping You Lose Weight


Natural ways make your weight loss program a little bit easier and there are herbal plants that have positive effects to stimulate your metabolism and aid in weight loss. Along with a healthy diet plan and regular exercise, these weight loss herbs boost weight loss effectively:


As one of the most widely used herbs, ginseng is not only popular for its memory-boosting effects, it also helps weight loss. As a stimulant, ginseng boosts your metabolism and provides energy for you, both of which are beneficial for weight loss.


Tea made with sage leaves aids in weight loss because of its stimulant and diuretic properties. Regular consumption of sage leaf tea can help you flush the harmful waste out of your body and boost your metabolic rate, all of which are resulting in weight loss.


Oregano oil has been widely used to treat many ailments, including preventing obesity. It keeps your digestive system function well and helps flush out the excess toxins from the body, this will reduce the risk of obesity and good for your overall health.


Spearmint tea helps weight loss in several ways:

  • It works as an appetite suppressant
  • Helps with digestive process
  • Promotes absorption of nutrients

What’s more, spearmint has stress-relieving properties, which is also important for maintaining a healthy weight.

5-Dandelion Root

Dandelion acts as a cleanser, it helps you lose weight because it works effectively to flush toxins and waste from the body and also has anti-inflammatory properties.

6-Yerba Mate

This herb is rich in various vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, which will boost your metabolism and provide you energy. Many natural stimulants were found in it which work as diuretics to remove the excess water weight out of the body.


Peppermint has been proven to help your waistline as it supports digestion effectively. Have a cup of peppermint tea helps calm down the gastrointestinal tract and also boost a healthy bowel movements, means it will promote the toxins removing process in your body.

Besides, the special scent of peppermint has ability to help you suppresses appetite. This is also supporting your weight loss goals.


Beverly Entin