7 Benefits of White Tea for Weight Loss


Most people are aware of the benefits to be had from drinking black or green tea, but far fewer people are familiar with white tea. Although all three teas come from the same plant, the difference lies in when they are harvested and how they are processed. White tea is harvested first from the very young bugs and leaves of the tea plant and it is the least processed of all the teas, making it incredibly potent as well as delicious. Read on to find out more about how white tea can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Inhibits Formation of Fat Cells
Everyone knows how easy it is to put on fat. White tea can help with this, however. Research has proven that the active ingredients in white tea are able to prevent the formation of new fat cells called adipocytes. The prevention of these cells will in turn reduce the weight.

Mobilizes Fat
White tea also has the ability to mobilize fat from the fat cells and makes the body more efficient at ridding itself of this fat. Scientists refers to this phenomenon as the “anti-obesity effect” and it can be a powerful tool in your weight loss strategy.

Encourages Lipolysis
Lipolysis is a term that refers to the process by which the body burns off fats cells. White tea stimulates this process, meaning that your body burns fat more efficiently and you lose weight more easily as well.

Contains Caffeine
Like its green and black cousins, white tea, too, contains caffeine, which is also a natural metabolism booster and helps your body to digest and process calories more efficiently which results in weight loss.
Boosts the Metabolism
Diet and exercise alone don’t always help much if your metabolism is sluggish. The antioxidants in white tea, however, help to give your metabolism a boost and spur it on to burn off fats more easily, aiding weight loss.

Restricts Fat Absorption
Not only does white tea help you burn the fat that you have already accumulated, it helps to restrict your body from absorbing or storing the fat that you bring in through your diet. This makes it incredibly valuable when you are dieting.

Tastes Good
Let’s face it, some dietary supplements are not too easy on the palate! White tea, however, has a light and delicious taste, and this wonderful flavor should make it easier for you to take in several glasses a day to stimulate weight loss.

White tea, to sum up, is an amazing diet aid which will help reduce the fat you are carrying now as well as preventing your body from packing on new fat cells and making your problem worse. And with its delicious flavor, white tea will taste less like a supplement and more like a self-indulgent treat!

Samriti has written a number of articles and blog posts for websites and print in the health industry. The majority of this writing was related to cancer information, blood pressure and healthy living.