7 Benefits of Lemon Water You Didn’t Know About


Increasingly, the benefits of consuming lemon water on a daily basis are being touted on television, in books and magazines and of course on the Web. This is because that as researchers become more aware of the incredible positive impact this simple lifestyle change can have on someone’s long-term health, the news continues to spread. Below, seven health benefits of drinking lemon water daily are discussed.

Immunity Booster

Lemons contain a large amount of Vitamin C, which acts as one of the best known boosters for the immune system and helps the body fight off bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing pathogens naturally. It also helps replace Vitamin C that is lost from body it times of stress.

Electrolyte Balancer

Lemon water is also incredibly high in potassium, one of the most important electrolytes and one which can be easily lost from the body through sweating, vomiting, or diarrhea. Potassium contributes to cardiac and neural health both and lemon water replaces it natural.

Digestion Aid

Lemon water helps to improve overall digestion because it stimulates the production of bile, a digestive juice which makes it easier for your body to break down food efficiently; it can also bring relief from bloating, burping and indigestion.


Lemon water is one of the most potent detoxifiers out there, especially if drunk in the morning. It can really help cleanse the liver and improve its functioning, making it more efficient at removing harmful waste products from the body.

Breath Freshener

Drinking lemon water will also keep your breath fresh. This is because it has natural anti-microbial properties which can kill of the bacteria that is frequently the cause of bad breath in the first place and is good for overall oral health.

Skin Toner

The antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of lemon can help improve and tone the skin by reducing fine lines, discoloration and other signs of aging as well as killing off the bacteria that is the root cause of acne breakouts.

Diet Aid

If you are trying to lose weight, daily doses of lemon water can help with this, too. Lemons contain pectin, a particular type of fiber that can curb the appetite naturally by creating a feeling of fullness so that it is more unlikely that you will overeat due to hunger pangs.

Deciding to consume lemon water on a daily basis is truly a small change. However, it can have a major positive impact on your general health, as well as giving your immune system, digestion, heart and liver a boost and improve the overall function of these organs and systems. If you are looking, then, to make just one change for the better, this probably should be it.

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