7 Amino Acids That Help You Lose Weight


Amino acids are important as they are the building products of proteins that your body needs to maintain a healthy level of function, and of the 20 amino acids, there are 8 called essential amino acids which the body cannot make on its own. Both essential and nonessential amino acids can help with keeping you strong and youthful and some can help you curb your cravings for sweets and boost your metabolism, making them helpful tools for dieting. Below are 7 of the amino acids which can aid you in your dieting goals.


This is an amino acid is so important for dieting because it can help curb your appetite within minutes of consumption! It can be taken in in the form of whey protein powder, but is also found in foods like poultry or fish, beef, eggs, some dairy products like yogurt as well as plant-based sources like broccoli, green peas, bananas and oats.


This amino acid can also curb your appetite and make it so you fill up faster with less food. It can also help increase your metabolism rate and is useful for maintaining your weight once your diet is over.


L-carnitine gives you immediate benefits by helping your body to burn fat rather than storing it as extra weight. It is a common ingredient in many weight-loss supplements but is also found naturally in beef, beans and nuts, and dairy products like yogurt.


Using this amino acid will curb your sugar cravings as well as improving your body’s ability to burn off fat. It is a great pre-workout supplement as it improves energy levels and calorie-burning and can also help repair muscle tissues.


Perhaps the best-known amino acid, this is a natural calm-you-down supplement and is needed for the production of serotonin, a hormone which among other things helps you feel more satisfied. It is found in turkey, pumpkin, almonds, spinach, bananas, eggs and oats.


L-arginine both makes your body more efficient at
burning fat and also brings with it a whole array of added health benefits. These include lower cholesterol levels, reduced risk for developing diabetes and a prevention of the aging process. It is also taken frequently as pre-workout supplement.


This amino acid is great for dieting as it both prevents the storage of fats and helps reverse weight gain at the same time. It can also help to detoxify the liver and remove unwanted chemicals and other substances from the body.

So consider including one or more of these amino acid supplements in your diet or, if you are not ready to take that step, include foods in your diet – like those mentioned above – so that you are receiving them naturally. Either way, they can go a long ways to helping you lose your weight and keep it off.

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