60 Healthy Foods That Can Block Inflammation and Ease Pain


As a part of the body’s immune response, inflammation can damage your body when it’s out of control, then you may have several health problems such as obesity, heart disease, arthritis, fatigue and even cancer. That’s why it’s necessary to reduce inflammation to reduce the pain and the risk of other illnesses.

Here are some foods with strong anti-inflammatory properties to help you block inflammation and reduce pain:

1.Fatty fish

Studies found that consuming fish high in omega-3 fatty acids may relieve back pain. Eat fish high in omega-3 fatty acids and low in mercury 2 times a week to reap the benefits, such as salmon, sardines, and herring.


A small handful of almonds every day may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, according to studies. They are also a good source of monounsaturated fats and vitamins, so eat some regularly even they’re not so low in calories.

3.Olive oil

Just like almonds, olive oil is also rich in monounsaturated fats, which are good for your blood vessels. Olive oil improves health in many ways, including reducing inflammation, reducing bad cholesterol levels and preventing cancer.


Beets are rich in betalains, that has strong anti-inflammatory properties to battle inflammation-related diseases. Eat beets often can prevent obesity, heart disease, and even cancer.


Turmeric helps cure achy joints and arthritis due to the compound curcumin, which has good anti-inflammatory properties. It’s easy to add turmeric into your diet, while keeping in mind of that it has low bioavailability, so increase the bioavailability of turmeric in your body is also important.


This spice is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it can relieve migraines, joint pain, arthritis and muscle aches effectively.

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Diallyl sulfide (DAS) and thiacremonone in garlic have anti-arthritic properties, it has also been proven to improve other inflammatory conditions.


Botanist James A. Duke, PhD, author of The Green Pharmacy Guide to Healing Foods, said that we could call peppermint as herbal aspirin, as the menthol in peppermint can help relieve muscle spasms and headaches.

More Natural Anti-inflammatory Foods to Prevent the Inflammation-related Chronic Diseases

  1. Cinnamon
  2. Rosemary
  3. Goji berries
  4. Papaya
  5. Cruciferous vegetables
  6. Spinach
  7. Sweet potatoes
  8. Cherries
  9. Cranberries
  10. Apples
  11. Oranges
  12. Kiwifruit
  13. Rhubarb
  14. Lemon
  15. Limes
  16. Avocados
  17. Guavas
  18. Bell peppers
  19. Kale
  20. Bok Choy
  21. Salads
  22. Chards
  23. Green beans
  24. Fennel bulb
  25. Spring onions
  26. Leeks
  27. Cod
  28. Tuna
  29. Pineapple
  30. Strawberries
  31. Mulberries
  32. Raspberries
  33. Herring
  34. Trout
  35. Striped Bass
  36. Oregano
  37. Licorice
  38. Walnuts
  39. Halibut
  40. Whitefish
  41. Sardines
  42. Blueberries
  43. Snapper Fish
  44. Oysters
  45. Basil
  46. Cloves
  47. Thyme
  48. Chili pepper
  49. Parsley
  50. Linseed
  51. Hazelnuts
  52. Sunflower seeds

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