6 Tips for More Beautiful, Youthful Looking Skin


To erase any aging sign and enhance your overall skin appearance and health, there are a number of things you can do. Remember, skin health is directly affected by what you consume, apply on your skin and even the way you wash it, especially the face. A number of little changes can make a lot of difference.

Eat Lots of Omega-3 Foods

Omega-3 foods are known to help make you look beautiful. They are good fats found in various foods such as almonds, flaxseed and salmon. Once you start eating them, your skin becomes firmer and more supple. If you keep eating saturated fat found in dairy, meats and other products, free radicals will increase in your body – damaging your skin. This makes you look older than you really are. If you have to consume saturated fat, the daily limit should peak at around 7 percent of your total calories.

Stress Management

It’s important to manage stress for a very good reason. Stress will always create frown lines and occasion emotional upheavals can make your skin look five years older. In fact, regular anxiety raises cortisol levels, the stress hormone, causing irritation that leads to a breakdown of collagen. Different responses are triggered leading to acne flare-ups and facial redness. You can deal with inflammation by eating foods rich in antioxidants such as asparagus, oranges and berries. Anytime you feel anxious and a little tense, stop and take a couple of deep breaths to try to relax.

Make the Most of Retinoid

Retinoid is derived from vitamin A and increases collagen growth and increases cell turnover. In turn, brown spots are faded, wrinkles start to decrease and fine lines are smoothened. Some retinoids are prescribed for their strength and have the fastest results; changes on your skin can be after a few weeks. However, for some, noticeable results could take over 90 days to be seen.

Injectable Gel

Injectable gels such as Juvederm Voluma are designed to reverse aging signs temporarily. This is because as you age, the cheeks usually lose their youthful shape, flattening out as the skin sags. The gel is mostly injected in the cheek area for lifting the skin. Volume is temporarily added to the cheek region resulting in a youthful facial appearance and smoother contour.

See a Dermatoligist to Ensure No Underlying Problem

It is very important to know how your skin behaves, what affects it most and why it looks older than you really are. Sometimes you might be applying the wrong lotion or cream or eating the wrong food, causing lots of changes in your body. But other times, there may be an underlying medical problem. Visit a dermatologist, especially if you think you are aging faster than you should. You need to know what it is wrong to find the best treatment and care. If you live in Canada, this DermMedica in Kelowna specializes in several anti-aging treatments and has a near 5-star rating on Google reviews.

Always be Aware of UV Skin Damage

No matter what season it is, skin damage can take place when you least expect it. Always apply some sunscreen, preferably SPF 30, before you leave the house to keep your skin looking younger. What many do not know is that just 10 minutes of UVA rays exposure daily can bring lots of sunspots and wrinkles on the skin in less than 12 weeks. Also, ensure the moisturizer you use is fortified with an APF 30 broad-spectrum sunscreen. If it’s not, you need to find one capable of blocking UVB and UVA rays.

Veronica Davis