6 Reasons Why Dragon Fruit is a Good Idea for Your Dessert


It is highly certain that one of the most popular tropical fruits is dragon fruit. Back to the past, dragon fruit was believed to first appear in Central America and southern Mexico. Nowadays, its popularity has been spread all around the world thanks to the appearance of New World settlers. Especially, dragon fruit becomes an irreplaceable dessert in many Asian countries including Vietnam and Thailand.

In fact, dragon fruit can also be called pitaya, pitahaya or strawberry pear. It gains interest from people thanks to its unique look and special taste. Although there is an extensive diversity of dragon fruit, people are most familiar with the variety which has red skin, green scales, white pulp and black seeds.

Not only does dragon fruit have passionate flavor, it is also loaded with a wide range of health benefits. And this article will focus on cultivating top 6 popular health benefits of dragon fruit.

1. Immunity System

One of the most popular mechanisms behind benefits of dragon fruit is its ability to enhance immune system. As people all know, immunity is responsible for protecting the body from strong attack of bacteria, virus or many harmful elements. More importantly, when immunity becomes stronger, it is likely that you will stay away from certain infectious diseases.

According to scientific evidence, vitamin C can be linked to a healthier immune system. And dragon fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C.

2. Cancer

Nowadays, there is a widespread belief that cancer is one of the biggest killers which take away the death of many people. And one of the most common factors which may trigger cancer is free radicals. Luckily, the huge amount of antioxidants in dragon fruit can nutralize activities of free radicals inside the body system, making dragon fruit beneficial for cancer prevention.

More than this, the perfect combination of carotene and hydroxycinnamates in dragon fruit is also good for preventing cancer.

3. Digestion

Loading with an abundant source of fiber, dragon fruit can make a considerable contribution to the state of many digestive-related diseases. To specify, fiber is able to maintain smooth bowel movement, help food travel through digestive tract and raise digestive juice level. All of these activities will effectively have positive influence on digestive operation.

In addition, it is believed that dragon fruit consumption can help with preventing colorectal cancer – one of the most popular digestive issues.

4. Heart Health

Benefits of dragon fruit also contain its ability to improve heart health. According to many scientific studies, dragon fruit has no content of unhealthy fat. Therefore, this fruit can keep cholesterol levels inside the body in check. Also, dragon fruit may reduce artery plaque formation – the main cause of heart stroke or even heart attacks.

What’s more, dragon fruit consists of betalains, flavonoids and many other substances which may limit the appearance of many heart diseases.

5. Metabolism

One of the most popular health benefits of dragon fruit is to regulate metabolic syndrome. By helping with reducing liver enzyme markers, dragon fruit intake may balance blood sugar levels and support metabolic process. Additionally, dragon fruit can have positive influence on the condition of arterial stiffness, which has been confirmed by some studies.

6. Weight Loss

As mentioned before, dragon fruit is packed with a good source of fiber. Therefore, it is easy to understand that can foster weight loss process effectively. According to scientific studies, fiber in dragon fruit will increase our fullness, suppress appetite without bringing any side effect, which is really essential for ones who wish to lose weight healthily. Read more: top 10 simple tips on how to lose weight fast.

Adverse Effect

In general, almost all of us can well tolerate dragon fruit intake. However, in some special cases, people should really careful with eating dragon fruit because it may cause food allergy. As a rresult, it is important to lean on medical methods if you deal with anaphylactic reactions after consuming dragon fruit.



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