6 Quick Ways To Control Anxiety


Every Tom, Dick and Harry has to pass through this phase of life i.e. anxiety. Lots of people in this world has to deal with this condition in one way or the other. In this situation of anxiety your heart beats at a faster pace, one feels baffled and muddled. Anxiety is also a state when one feels worried without any apt reason. It results in poor concentration, trembling, sweating, rapid heart rate, shallow breathing and unwanted negative thoughts and behaviours.

That said, every problem has a solution. You will find different cures, herbs and oils which will help boost your health and control the situation of anxiety. Here are some cures that will control your anxiety:

Take a warm bath – The moment you start feeling anxious it will be a good idea to take a warm bath. It has been the most pleasant and reliable way to soothe your senses. Take the assistance of a balm add a bit of lavender oil in it put it in a tub and its pleasing fragrance will bring a calming effect. Lavender, a 2000 year old herb, has the reputation of offering calming and soothing effect on your nerves. If you don’t want to take a bath you can dab a little bit of lavender oil on your temples and forehead and you can feel its reaction.

Control your breath – Breathing helps in controlling your condition of anxiety. You will have to slow down and deepen your breath. To achieve this, sit down, put your hand over your abdomen and slowly and steadily inhale, this will result in your belly expanding under your hand and your shoulder will not rise. You will have to hold your breath for four or five seconds, then slowly exhale. Repeat this exercise until you feel tranquil.

Drink warm milk – Take the aid of milk when you are feeling restless. Milk contains tryptophan and amino acid which augments the comforting feeling. It’s also an old remedy to control insomnia.

Catnip, the dried herb – When tested on cats, this herb resulted in cats becoming hyperactive, but on humans it has a contrary effect. This herb contains chemicals which act as a mild sedative. Purchase catnip tea bags and you can enjoy the cup as and when you feel anxious.

Avoid taking colas – Avoid all sorts of cola drink including tea, coffee and other caffeinated drinks when you feel this condition. Your anxiety condition will become more worrisome if you take caffeinated drink too often.

Aerobic Exercise – This exercise has the healing power. Take a brisk walk of 30-minutes it will enhance your mood and block pain. Beside this do some meditation to control anxiety.



Vinay Grover
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