6 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Excessive Salivation


The appearance of saliva in your mouth is significant and beneficial for the oral well – beings, nonetheless, it seems to be taken for granted regularly. The aim of saliva is to keep clean and healthy for your mouth thus prevent the aggravation of harmful bacteria and germs in the mouth, which may cause oral issues, such as tooth decay or any other teeth problems.

Those who suffer from a shortage of saliva also called a dry mouth, is easily diagnosed whereas those who endure from excessive saliva is not that evident to realize. It is not true to believe that excessive saliva will improve oral conditions as well as protect the oral from harmful germs. The exaggerated saliva can cause discomfort sensation in the daily life. It forms a negative habit as well as ruins your appearance in other people’s eyes. And the worst situation is when you communicate with other people and the saliva gets out of your mouth. Therefore, excessive saliva should be treated as soon as possible when you recognize those very first symptoms.

Pregnant women are the main victims of this excessive saliva problem. This appears as a usual symptom of morning sickness. Also, inordinate consumption of sweetened food leads to this situation. Furthermore, several medications and treatments are responsible for this issue.

Instead of consuming chemical based products and other medical methods which seem to be unnecessary and expensive, why don’t you look for several home remedies that not only is available to you but also is cheaper and healthier for you?

Check out these remedies that you can adopt to get rid of excessive saliva entirely.

1. Cinnamon

One of the most popular methods to treat exaggerated saliva is cinnamon. Since its ability to diminish existing bacteria inside the mouth is quite powerful, cinnamon can restrict the production of saliva immediately. You should consume it as a tea for a few times per day to improve the situation gradually. Cinnamon also treats oral thrush. See Home Remedies for Oral Thrush

  • Crush some cinnamon sticks to extract the powder or you can buy the powder from the supermarket
  • Combine the powder (should be placed inside a tea bag) with hot water
  • Dip it for several times before straining it.
  • Put some raw honey (optional) for a better taste
  • Drink it on a daily basis.

2. Clove

Secondly, clove is another significant spice that can be used to prevent the excessive saliva. It is declared that gloves can reduce the nerves as well as salivary glands. Besides, due to its anti – inflammatory and antibacterial compounds, cloves are powerful and great for the efforts to discharge the germs from the mouth.

Grind several cloves into powder then mix with hot water later on. You can make the clove into the tea to consume it on a daily basis.

3. Yoghurt

Yogurt is highly recommended to consume as a dessert due to its ability to regulate the digestion system as well as reduce eructation after a meal. This is also known as a powerful weapon to fight back the excessive saliva. Consume one cup of none – sweetened yogurt after one meal to improve your digestion system and reduce exaggerated saliva in the mouth as well.

4. Water

It might seem to be quite irrelevant when you are suffering from excessive saliva, and now you have to add more fluid into your mouth. However, it is significant to always keep your body hydration. When the water come into your throat from your mouth, it will bring these excessive saliva along thus reduce the amount of saliva. However, it is considered as one of the least expected treatment of how to eliminate excessive saliva.

5. Ginger

Ginger is one of the most effective and strong methods that you can adopt to diminish the amount of exaggerated saliva inside your mouth. Thanks to its anti – inflammatory properties, ginger is absolutely beneficial not only for your mouth generally, but it brings more advantages than any other spices found in the kitchen. It can reduce the amount of harmful bacterial significantly which is responsible for cavities. Learn more health benefits of ginger: Ginger – A Versatile Natural Home Remedy

  • Cut ginger into thin slices.
  • Take one of them and place them inside your mouth and keep them for a few minutes.
  • Do this on a daily basis to signify the effectiveness and efficiency of ginger.

6. Mint

Mint – not only bring fresh breath naturally but also plays as a key role in reducing the excessive saliva. It is considered as one of the best tips of how to eliminate saliva since it is investigated that mint has ability of speeding up your efforts to ease and manipulate the production of saliva as well.

To obtain the best outcomes, you should clean the mint leaves thoroughly before place them inside your mouth and keep them for several minutes on a daily basis.





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