6 Natural Pest Control Tips


Keeping a control on pests is a major concern for all of us. There are a number of ways which allow you to deal with the problem once and for all. No wonder there are a number of chemicals and unnatural pest controls available in the market which you can get from a local store and spend unnecessary amounts of money. However, if you are looking for natural pests controls, then you have landed on the right page. We have taken the liberty of mentioning a few of the prominent natural pest control tips which are going to help a great deal.


It may amuse you to know that if spiders are your only concern, then you can make use of citrus in order to get rid of them. Spiders tend not to be quite fond of citrus. In order to get rid of them therefore, all you have to do is take a bottle and mix an appropriate concentration of water and unsweetened lime or lime juice in it. Then use the solution for the purpose of cleaning doorways, windows sills, or countertops and spider wouldn’t dare to crawl into your kitchen.


Vinegar does also happen to be one of your best bets if you are looking forward to get rid of the ants. Make a 50/50 solution of vinegar or get it from the local store and clean your doorways, windows sills, and countertops with the solution multiple times a day.

It will keep the ants away since it disables their scent trail system which is utilized for the purpose of navigation.

Fake Nest:-

It may be surprising for you to know that wasps are quite territorial about their wasps and it is highly unlikely that they are going to make a new one within 20 yards of another one. Taking this into consideration, as evident, all you have to do is get a fake nest from the nearest local store and hang one in your front yard and one in the back. That’s it, you have dealt with the problem of wasps once and for all.


Provided that mosquitoes are your major concern, catnip is going to be one of your best bets. All you have to do is grow catnip in your garden or place a plant or two inside the house and mosquitoes will be forced to stay away from your house. It is also going to be a commendable idea to apply catnip oil on your skin in order to keep the mosquitoes away from you in particular.


Getting rid of flea eggs have never been that easy. All you have to do is apply salt and vacuum your floor every other day in order to get rid of the flea eggs. Remember the reproduction cycle of flea is nothing more than three days. Therefore, you have to apply salt for nine days in consecutive and vacuum the floor every third day and you’d be able to get rid of the flea eggs in no time.

Cinnamon Oil:-

Last but not the least, cinnamon bark oil is known to be active against dust mites. Make sure that you dip a few drops of the cinnamon bark oil in 50/50 solution that contains water and denatured alcohol. Once you have prepared the solution, make sure to spray it on your carpets, beds, or any other place that you may suspect to be infected with dust mites. But that’s not all. With the use of cinnamon oil against dust mites, your house is also going to smell like freshly baked cookies.

In the light of the information mentioned above, it can almost be taken for granted that it is not necessary to make use of chemicals or unnatural means in order to get rid of all sorts of pests. There are a number of different natural pest control tips which can applied in an appropriate fashion in order to get rid of the pests. With the aforementioned tips, you would certainly be able to deal with the issue of pests in an appropriate yet affordable manner.


This entry was written by Tim sandle a freelance writer and an author at Poulin’s Pest Control Services.