6 Natural Herbs and Ingredients to Prevent Aging


Are you afraid from the dismal fact of life-course called ageing? Well let’s courageously face the reality. Thinking about it shouldn’t stop you from doing anything but it will only stress you even more, further fastening the process. Good news is, “turkey necks “and “sagging bodies” are a verity, however, you can have a certain control over it as it is possible to delay the process of aging; in fact you can delay it as long as you like to stay younger.

There are so many ways you can make this involuntary process of life voluntary. But before you turn your head to fancy Botox manufacturers or cosmetic surgery clinics, give a chance to nature’s wondrous herbs and some life style changing techniques. Herbs are known to be quiet effective, easy to use and are readily available. Ayurvedic medicine has triumphantly won the battle against aging. There are plenty of herbs which can be beneficial for anti aging effects. Few popular ones are.

1. Horsetail (Equisetum arvense)

The silicone enriched herb naturally rejuvenates skin cells and strengthens the underlying tissue making it perfect to be used as a natural anti wrinkle therapy.

It contains all the essential ingredients required to increase facial blood circulation, collagen and elastin formation. So far the herb has not been reported for any adverse effects. You can have Horsetail in the form of supplements, tea or as an active ingredient of herbal cosmetic product.

2. Gotu Kola

For centuries people have been using this herbal medication to boost their sleep and immune system workings. This member of the parsley family, scientifically called Centella asiatica, is rendered as a treasured herb for skin.

It does marvels for your skin, either directly by protecting the skin cells from oxidation and enhancing collagen fibers or indirectly by promoting restful sleep, improving immune functioning and treating various mental and physical ailments. All these attributes of the amazing herb have ranked it to be one of the best anti aging agents.

3. Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is one of the most favored anti aging herb among women from different eras and cultures, it has myriad advantages for skin. Most of the leading expensive anti aging product manufacturers these days market their products by claiming to have royal jelly in them. The miraculous jelly works as a wrinkle reducer, skin healer for scars, acne and an amazing moisturizer.

This youth preserver helps to diminish fine lines and skin blemishes as well, which usually begin getting prominent as you age. This honey bee secretion is enriched with two anti oxidant vitamins, C and E, thus providing the skin with the perfect rosy youthful glow.

4. Genseng

A renowned herbalist Dr. James Duke called this herb an incredible skin muscle toner. The different forms of the root herb, after fermentation, have been used to prepare skin masks that help in attaining a fairer, brighter, healthier complexion and smooth textured skin.

Chinese have extensively studied about the herb and they call it as a tonic for your mind and body. Ginseng (Renshen) is known to increase blood circulation and healing process in the body. Many studies have proved the herb to elevate overall body stamina levels: be that sexual or physical strength therefore not only making you look young but also feel younger as well.

5. Haloxyl

Want to have a quick solution to your ageing looks? Want to trade fine lines for enchanting younger appearance? It seems not more than a dream to make such a trade possible, but one ingredient does claim these thing.

You’ve guessed it right, we’re talking about one of the most, to date, successful antiaging product, Haloxyl.

Your area around the eyes is first to show the signs of aging, hence the makers of this product, a company called Sederma thought it would be wise to deal with this region first. The ingredients in Haloxyl add firmness to the skin under the eyes and helps to remove any discoloration or redness in this portion.

6. Curcuma Longa

Commonly known as Turmeric, it is the secret behind radiant, supple and ravishing skin. The rhizomatous herb has been traditionally used as a flavor enhancing spice in the Asian cuisine.

Its anti-inflammatory, healing and skin whitening properties have made it popular to ward off any skin disease associated irritation and pigmentation or scars. It lessens the oxidative stress over your skin thus allowing it to look more fresh and beautiful.

7. Mentha Pepperita

The herb has a range of skin benefits. It can be used for achieving a glowing complexion, scrubbing off dead skin layers from your face and neck as you age and improves skin tone.

For centuries people have used the herb extracts in oil and water form as a treatment for hair and for gastrointestinal tract problems. Aging not only affects how your skin looks, but your entire body mechanism as well, so it is immensely important to keep your insides functioning properly and healthier, in order for you to stay young in every way possible.