6 Fruits & Vegetables Seeds You Should Not Throw Out


Typically, when you cut up fruits and vegetables you throw out the seeds.  Most people think these seeds are useless, but just the opposite. Many seeds from fruits and vegetables have a number of health benefits.

Seeds to Try:

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium, iron and zinc and they taste great.  They also have anti-inflammatory properties that can lower your cholesterol and improve your digestion.  Sprinkle on salads or simply snack on them between meals.

Tomato seeds

Everyone knows that the lycopene in tomatoes is extremely good for men as it can help fight prostate cancer. In addition, those seeds in your tomatoes are also helpful in reducing blood pressures, improving blood flow, and fighting toxins within the body.  The seeds can also help protect your heart from deep vein thrombosis and they help clean our alimentary tracts, which relieves constipation.

Pomegranate seeds

You can buy dried pomegranate seeds to snack on. They have a sweet taste that will also enhance baked goods if you toss them in your batter.  Pomegranate seeds are rich in fiber, so snacking on them will help keep you full and aid your digestion. They are also packed with vitamins C and K.

Vitamin C helps boost your system function, speed wound healing, promote healthy gums and this amazing vitamin can improve your skin, as it helps your body manufacture of collagen and elastin. Vitamin K helps the blood clot, and it helps you maintain strong bones.

Paprika seeds

When shopping for spices, make sure to purchase paprika with the seeds.  The seeds are a good source of vitamins A, C and K. These vitamins help fight aging and they work to improve blood circulation. As stated before, vitamin C is also important to the body’s immune system.  And once again, these powerful seeds help clean your alimentary tract.

Papaya seeds

Papaya seeds help detox both the heart and the kidneys while it also cleans the alimentary tract, preventing constipation.  Eating papaya seeds can also help you get rid of a stomach ache and make your skin smooth and your hair shiny!

Watermelon seeds

Watermelon seeds are another overlooked seed. Make sure you are eating the seeds when you consume this melon, or buy them separately, dried. They are a great source of protein, magnesium and vitamin B.  Vitamin B is essential for converting food into energy to support all bodily functions.  It is also aids the nervous system, digestive system and promotes skin health. Magnesium can help you sleep better, stave off headaches and even helps your body recover faster after a workout.

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