6 Essentials Oils with All Kinds of Purposes + How to Use Them


Essential oils are some of the most useful oils to use since they can be used for many purposes. Those purposes are removing odors the air inside your home, office or vehicle, healing the mind and body,  and for natural beauty rituals. If you are wondering what essential oils are the most useful as well as their purposes, the information below can help get you started.

Essential Oils for All Purposes

Lavender: Extracted from the flowers cut from the lavender plant, this oil is useful for promoting relaxation of the mind and body. It can be useful for making soothing baths, relaxing fragrant candles that release a calming aroma, as a natural fragrance in body and hair care products, and in household cleaners to help you kill bacteria on surfaces naturally.

Lemon Balm: Oil extract from the lemon balm plant is wonderful for calming and uplifting purposes. It can bring calmness to the mind and body during stressful times and help uplift a mood during depressing times. It also contains antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties making this essential oil outstanding for treating skin infections, wounds, respiratory infections when inhaled through steam and treating acne naturally. (source)

Rose Absolute: Whenever you want help feeling sensational and romantic rose absolute is the one to use in homemade body care and hair care products. It not only helps you feel beautiful, but it also helps you feel good because of its natural stress relieving abilities. Best of all, this oil can help prevent and slow down the signs of aging and keep the skin clear and free from acne. You can even use this essential oil to making romantic candles for a special evening such as Valentine’s Day and in diffusers to help freshen the air in your home naturally. (source)

Peppermint: If you are in need of an invigorating oil peppermint is the one to use. It is outstanding to use in homemade body and hair care products that are meant to wake you up in the morning. It’s cooling tingling properties wake the mind and body up naturally and put you in a positive mood. It is also great to use in homemade house cleaning products do to the natural antibacterial and antiviral properties it contains, and is wonderful to use to make uplifting peppermint candles during the holiday season.  Some people even use this essential oil to make soothing sunburn remedies that involves combining a cup of aloe with a few drops of peppermint oil. After, the remedy is massaged into freshly cleansed skin to help soothe the burning sensation of the sunburn and to promote healing.

Sandalwood: An essential woodsy oil that is lovely to use to help bring warmth and happiness to the mind and body is sandalwood. It is pleasant earthy aroma  known to restore energy to the mind and body. Many times this oil is used to make a restorative healing bath or in perfumes to help create a sensational fragrance people seem to be attracted too. You could even use this oil to make candles or freshen the air in your home by placing a few drops of it into a diffuser. (source)

Tea Tree: A potent medicinal oil that is useful for making healing salves, balms and other skin remedies is tea tree oil. This oil contains antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Not only can this oil be useful for healing the skin from wounds, fungal infections and bruises, but it is useful in homemade surface cleaners to help natural disinfect the surfaces in your home. Some people even find it useful for making toothpaste too.

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