6 Common nighttime beauty mistakes to avoid


If you’re like most women, you tend to be pretty meticulous about your morning beauty routine because you want to look the best when you go to work or get out of the house for the day. However, by the end of the day, if things have been hectic and the energy level is low, sometimes you might skimp on this routine out of tiredness or just lack of time. Some of the most common nighttime beauty mistakes and their solutions are discussed below.

Not Washing
Not washing the face and sleeping in makeup is something that nearly all beauty experts agree is a big mistake. For once thing, it leaves you at a greater risk of clogging pore and makes the skin more vulnerable to breakouts of acne or irritation. Luckily, a quick wash with a good cleanser can take care of this problem in less than a minute.

Tight Hairstyles
Some women prefer to sleep with their hair in a bun or a braid and while there is nothing wrong with this, make sure that your hair is loosely done before going to bed. A tight hairstyle can damage your hair and even cause issues with the hairline itself. Alternatively, you could learn to sleep with your hair loose and unbound.

Sleeping on the Stomach
While most people shift around during sleep and can’t control what position they sleep in, it is best to sleep on your back as much as possible. Sleeping on the stomach can have a negative impact on the appearance and some have noted that it can cause problems like wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes.

Using a Dirty Pillowcase
Bed linens should be changed ideally around once a week and thoroughly laundered in hot water. Sleeping on dirty linens – especially the pillowcase—can cause the linens to become a repository for bacteria and germs as well as even less attractive things like dust mites that can all be a source of skin irritation and rashes.

Forgetting to Brush and Floss
A healthy set of teeth goes a long way to making you feel beautiful. However, while the occasionally skipping of nighttime oral care will not cause much of a problem, if this becomes a habit it can set you up for plaque build-up, cavities and even gum diseases like gingivitis that can not only affect your appearance but your overall health.

Skipping Moisturizer
It may seem like a hassle sometimes to moisturize at night, especially if you are tired, but if you are consistent with applying moisturizer to your face and lotion to your body, the payoff will be skin that is soft and hydrated and you will be able to avoid problems with dry, taut or itchy skin.

These suggestions may seem like a lot of work. However, for a nighttime beauty routine they are essentially and following them will definitely improve the way you look and feel when you get up the next morning!

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