6 Common Behaviors of Cancer Survivors


The following is the summation of a larger project, wherein a doctor interviewed and reviewed the cases of patient who had survived seemingly miraculously advanced or severe forms of cancerous conditions, in an effort to find out if there was anything that these survivors had in common. He found that, indeed, the vast majority of these survivors shared six different behaviors which likely contributed to their survival, even against the odds. The six behaviors are shared below.

Dietary Changes

One common thread in the cancer patients who survived their illness was the fact that they made dietary changes to help heal themselves. There was a heavy reliance fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans and an avoidance of sugar, refined flour products, meat and dairy. This appeared to help strengthen their immune systems and make self-repair an easier process.

Spiritual Expression

Although these survivors came from many faiths, another thing they had in common was that in reaction to their cancer diagnosis, they deepened their spirituality and communion with the divine, whether through prayer, meditation or attending religious services. There also appears to be a link between this deepened spiritual sense and self-repair mechanisms.

Expressions of Happiness, Joy and Hope

Another behavior these survivors had in common was their ability to express positive emotions like love, joy and hope, even in the face of their condition. These feels likely are able to increase hormones like oxytocin, dopamine and other “feel-good” hormones and to reduce the negative consequences of stress, anxiety or fear.

Release of Repressed Emotions

Another behavior that cancer survivors participated in was the release of pent-up or repressed emotions, especially if they had been harboring feels of grief, anger, fear or resentment. These negative feelings can stimulate the fight-or-flight response in the body and trigger all sort of physical consequences that the body is better off without.


The cancer survivors also to more herbals supplements and vitamins to help detoxify their body and strengthen their immune system, thought there was no one herb or supplement that all the survivors had in common. In any case, it also seemed to help the body’s self-repair mechanism to good effect.

Intuition-Based Action

The final behavior that the cancer survivors also seemed to have in common was that they used their intuition to help them make their cancer treatment decisions, relying not just on medical information and scientific facts but also listening to what their gut instinct was telling them about designing a plan of care.

This was interesting stood which shows that cancer survival is not always a matter of more advanced surgery or new medications, but of harder-to-define values like the emotions and spirituality which seemed to be the factors that influenced the way a person deals with  and overcomes  this difficult.

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