6 Best Herbal Remedies To Control High Blood Pressure


Certain herbs may be beneficial in preventing, managing and treating high blood pressure. If you are seeking some natural treatments to control your blood pressure, have a look at these recommended herbs:


Garlic contains a substance named allicin that with antioxidant, antibacterial, lipid lowering and anti high blood pressure properties.

How to use:

A clove of Raw Garlic a day helps in lowering high pressure effectively.

As allicin is produced when raw garlic is crushed but much is destroyed during cooking, so if you want to lower your blood pressure with garlic, take it in tablet form.


Cinnamon contains volatile oil and tannins useful for blood vessels.

How to use:

Sprinkling about a half a teaspoon of cinnamon into your daily diet may help lower blood pressure, suggested by an analysis.


Carvacrol substance present in oregano has been proven to be able to control blood pressure. It is useful in controlling both the systolic and the diastolic pressure of the blood.

How to use:

It can be taken in powdered form. Oregano can also be an alternative to salt in your meals, as the sodium in salt is a leading cause of high blood pressure.


Basil has many beneficial actions on the heart as a blood thinner and promotes good circulation. It can lower high blood pressure by helping optimize cholesterol levels if you take it regularly.

How to use:

It’s easy to add fresh basil to your diet, keep a small pot of this herb in your home and add the fresh leaves to your soups, salads and pastas.

5-Passion Flower

Stress and anxiety are two main factors which can cause an elevation in blood pressure directly. And passion flower works good in reducing stress as well as anxiety, so it is used as a natural remedy to control high blood pressure.

How to use:

Drinking this herbal tea can relax the blood vessels, eliminate feelings of stress and anxiety, thus lowering blood pressure.


Lavender works as a vasodilator by relaxing and expanding the blood vessels, thus leading the blood pressure to lower.

How to use:

Boil lavender leaves and flowers for use internally as a tea. You can also massage the body with lavender oil, that’s said to be able to reduce blood pressure by 50%.






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