6 Best Anti Skin Rash Foods


If you’re known to skin allergies, you probably have some idea about what’s good and bad for you. Besides taking preventive measures and prescribed medication, making changes in your diet by including anti-skin rash foods can enable you combat the skin allergies and rashes. Know more.

While some of us can’t wait for our favorite season to blossom, others fear that the arrival of the season will bring along those rashes and allergies all over their body. Usually, this happens during winters and spring season.

In people with allergies, their immune overreacts to some triggers, like dust. The body takes this allergen as a threat, and thus releases protective chemical called histamine, which produces the symptoms in the process.

Manifestation of skin rashes during seasonal changes is a common occurrence in people with sensitive skin and those susceptible to allergies. While some types of skin rashes, particularly those caused by infections need medication, making changes in your diet by incorporating anti-skin rash foods, enable you to combat skin rashes.

Following is a list of super anti- skin rash foods that you should consider.

  1. Raw Honey

When suffering from skin allergies or rashes, eating a spoon of raw honey can work wonders for you. Raw honey can be easily available around you. It is rich in vitamins that are essential for the skin. The anti-bacterial properties contained in raw honey helps fight skin infections and rashes. But, people allergic to honey must avoid eating it.

  1. Gluten Free Whole Grains

When it comes to nutrient-based allergies, grains containing gluten such as wheat, barley, and rye can cause skin rashes in some people. For such people, adding nutritious whole grains, which is free of gluten, is beneficial. These include breads made of oats or corn, brown rice, gluten free cereals, popcorn, popped rice and wild rice.

  1. Vegetables and Fruits

People prone to skin rashes must include vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants and vitamin C in their diet. While Vitamin C helps in reducing inflammation due to skin rashes, antioxidants fight skin infections and maintain healthy tissues in your body. Best sources of vitamin C are kiwi, bell peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, strawberries and citrus fruits like lemons, oranges and guava are rich in vitamin C. Best sources of antioxidants like beta-carotene are carrots, spinach, cantaloupe and kale.

  1. Flax and Flax Seeds

Deficiency in essential fatty acids can lead to worsening of skin rashes. As such, Omega 3 fatty acids are significant in regulating skin rashes by minimizing inflammation. Best source of essential fatty acids is cold water fish. Consume plenty of fish like Salmon and Mackerel. Fish should be used essentially to substitute red meat since saturated fats present in red meat may raise inflammation seen in skin rashes. You can also eat flax seeds as these are also good sources of essential fatty acids. Add these to baked food, yogurt and smoothies.

  1. Turmeric Tea

Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, since ages. Add powdered turmeric to cook food or consume in tea form. Turmeric capsules are also available online. An active ingredient, Curcumin in turmeric fights skin infections. It minimizes swelling and inflammation that come along the skin rashes.

  1. Rice Milk

People who have long medical history of skin rashes and allergies are recommended to stay away from some common food allergens including cow’s milk and soy milk. However, you can consume fortified rice milk as a substitute to both of these.

You can take rice milk in smoothies with cereals or as a beverage. Go for rice milk based products like rice milk cheeses and frozen desserts, rather than dairy products.


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Alinn Smith
I am Alinn Smith, currently studying dermatology at University of California San Francisco (UCSF). I am newbie blogger trying my pen to write upon skincare, dermatology and other general health issue.