6 Best Alternatives to Honey


Honey is sweet nectar made by bumblebees. It provides natural flavor in many beverages and food goods. However, some people avoid honey simply because they dislike they way honey it is taken from the bees, or due to honey allergies. When one avoids honey, they use other alternatives. If you are wondering what natural sweeteners can be used as alternatives to honey, the list below should provide you with some insight.

Alternatives to Honey

  1. Maple Syrup: Syrup collected from maple trees in the early spring is known as maple syrup. It is boiled down until it has a deep golden brownish color and rich sweet maple flavor. It is one of the best natural sweeteners you could possible use to replace honey. It is used to sweeten ice cream, baked goods, meats, vegetable dishes, warm and cold beverages and medicinal supplements. However, because maple syrup is sweetener than honey, you should consider using slightly less of it when you do use it to sweeten up the beverages and foods you consume.
  2. Yacon Root Syrup: Another natural sweetener to consider is yacon root syrup. You may also know it by the name of, “peruvian ground apple syrup.” The syrup is made from the tuberous roots of the yacon perennial plant and is extremely sweet with a hint of floral flavor. This syrup is outstanding for adding sweetness to herbal teas and for making medicinal syrups.
  3. Coconut Nectar: You have probably heard of coconut milk, water and nuts, but coconuts also have nectar. Coconut nectar is a natural sweetener rich in minerals and B vitamins. It has a mildly sweet flavor and is wonderfully for lightly adding sweetness to beverages and foods.
  4. Date Paste: If you are in need of a super sweet alternative to honey, date paste is the option for you. It is created by mashing up ripe dates with a bit of warm water to create a paste. The paste is than used in baked goods to help sweeten them up the same way honey typically does. However, once this natural sweetening paste is made it does need to be stored in the refrigerator to prevent spoiling.
  5. Stevia: You have probably heard of stevia sweeteners. The natural sweetener is extract from the stevia plants in South America. It is used the same way honey and sugar to help add sweetness to all types of foods and beverages. Best of all, this type of sugar is unrefined, and contains many healthy benefits due to the medicinal properties it contains. If you usually use honey due to its medicinal properties and cannot seem to get any on hand, than use stevia instead.
  6. Agave: Nectar similar in appearance and texture to honey is agave nectar extract from the blue agave plants growing in the volcanic soils of Southern Mexico. In fact, it tastes similar to honey and just as sweet as honey. It is useful for sweetening up teas, coffees, desserts and other goods the same way honey would, but with a little bit of extra sweetness. However, it is important to keep in mind that agave nectar does contain the same amount of calories as a teaspoon of sugar.

With the natural sweeteners just mentioned, you should easily be able to find an alternative to honey that you actually will like. Best of all, all of them contain medicinal properties as well as nutrients that help keep the body healthy and strong the same way honey does. So, go try some out and find the one that is right kind of sweetness for you.

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