6 Amazing Health Benefits of Resveratrol in Red Wine


When you’re talking about alcoholic beverages, the first thing that comes to people’s minds generally isn’t that they are good for you. Generally speaking, these people are correct when they say this.

However, there is one alcoholic beverage that continues to amaze scientists in the large number of health benefits it has associated with it. That drink is red wine. When consumed in moderation, red wine is said to have benefits on issues ranging from cognitive health, weight loss, and even dental health.

So where do these health benefits come from? There is one component that is present in all types of red wine, in particular, that contributes to the majority of health benefits called resveratrol. It is one of the primary anti-oxidants that is found in not only in grapes, but that is also present in peanuts, chocolate, and a number of other foods.

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Resveratrol in Red Wine

Helps Prevent Heart Disease

The resveratrol contained within red wine is able to reduce “bad cholesterol”, also called low-density-lipoproteins (or LDL). When LDL is exposed to oxidizing substances it can lead to plaque which can result in constricting your blood vessels. Resveratrol, as an anti-oxidant, is able to prevent LDL from oxidizing thereby slowing this process from occurring and helping you prevent heart disease.

Maintain Cognitive Ability

Memory loss is something that is a common ailment that happens as people age. Recent studies on rats, conducted by the Texas A&M Health Science Center College, demonstrated that resveratrol can have a positive impact on the part of the brain responsible for memory called the hippocampus. Moderate consumption of the resveratrol in rats showed that the spatial learning ability was not only maintained, but even improved, versus the rats that did not consume it.

Helps with Anti-Aging

In another study conducted by Cell Metabolism on rats, it showed that moderate consumption of resveratrol helped prolong the lives of these rats by activating the Sirtuin genes which are known to be major influencers of how long we live.

Helps Starve Off Cancer Cells Caused by Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Although it is no secret that red wine contains alcohol as well, the resveratrol contained within it actually helps prevent the formation, and even helps kill off, cancer cells. When red wine is consumed in moderation, the resveratrol challenges cancerous cells thereby not allowing them to form, while at the same time helping starve off existing cells.

Improves Muscle Strength

Resveratrol really is a miracle substance. A recent study conducted by Jason van Dyck at the University of Alberta showed that resveratrol can improve muscle strength. This was particularly effective when done in combination with a regular exercise routine.