6 Amazing Benefits You Will Get From Drinking Coconut Water


Coconut water has become very popular in the recent years and is now available in most of your favourite grocery stores. Make sure to opt for the unsweetened, organic brands to make sure you get the real thing.

Here are six health benefits of coconut water.

  1. It lowers blood pressure

Thanks to its magnesium, vitamin C, and potassium content, drinking coconut water on a daily basis, can reduce your blood pressure. Two glasses of coconut water is enough for you to use as a yummy “maintenance medicine” for balanced blood pressure. (1)

  1. It can rehydrate your body — fast

Coconut water has a bunch of electrolytes that can help you retain water in your body and hydrate you as well. In addition to that, it has complex carbohydrates as well, which makes coconut water a good energy or sports drink replacement. (2)

It has even been used as an alternative to blood plasma transfusions to rehydrate the body in extreme emergencies or remote areas were resources are low. (3)

  1. It can Reduce Hangover

The best way to cure a hangover is avoiding alcohol in the first place, but if you do get one, coconut water is the second best natural cure.

Technically, hangovers are originally called “dehydration due to alcohol binging last night syndrome.” Just kidding. Since coconut water can rehydrate you, it can also alleviate hangovers. Although, the damage has already been done, so it cannot magically remove hangovers instantly. Nevertheless, the time you need to suffer will be greatly reduced.

  1. It can treat headaches

Headaches can be caused by a lot of things. If it is caused by dehydration, you know that coconut water can help. On the other hand, if that headache is due to a migraine attack, coconut water can help, too. Because of coconut water’s magnesium content, it can relieve migraine sufferers. Continual consumption of coconut water can even reduce the frequency of migraine attacks. (4)

  1. It can make you lose weight

This is what you have been waiting for ladies. Coconut water can actually stave off a few pounds from your body; however, it does not have that direct effect as you may have hoped for. First of all, you can replace your favourite sweetened drink or cola with it. Coconut water is better and can make you reduce weight since it is low on calories and sugar.

In addition, it can help you manage your body’s water content. Since coconut water has lots of potassium in it, you can also effectively manage your body’s sodium content, which retains water and makes you feel bloated and fat.

  1. It can help you manage your blood sugar and diabetes

Coconut water also contains amino acids that can help your body produce insulin better and regulate blood sugar levels. Passively, it also reduces glucose levels in the human body and it can alleviate the oxidative stress buildup in your body. (5)

And these health benefits of coconut water are actually only the tip of the iceberg. there are so much more good things coming from adding coconut water to your daily diet. Delicious on its own or we use it often as a liquid base for our green smoothie.


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