5 Ways to Make your Family Camping Greener


Make your Family Camping Greener

With staycations being more popular than ever and camping enjoying a huge resurgence of interest how many of you have actually considered the damage this innocuous pastime can do to the environment? It doesn’t have to be that way however and there are some easy to implement tips to ensure you have a great holiday while doing your bit for the environment, and here are just 5 of them.

Make Your Transport Greener

You have to get to your camp site by some means of transport and this is usually by car. The more petrol/gas you use the more CO2 you pump out, and an ordinary roof box can cause you to burn more fuel.  You can reduce this by fitting an aerodynamic roof box to you car. Not only is it streamlined to allow you to use fuel as you travel it is also big enough to pack all your stuff into it. 

Choose Your Holiday Provider Carefully

Most campers these days prefer to use operators who have the accommodation already in place, be this a tent, a yurt or some other manner of cover. Many of these pride themselves on their environmental friendliness, so it makes sense to go with one of these rather than some of the larger corporations who only care about the money they are making not the carbon footprint their guests are leaving behind.

Home from Home

The vast majority of us make energy saving cuts in our homes, yet these seem to go out of the window when we are on holiday. One of the reasons is that all energy charges are included in the price so cost cutting measures don’t seem important, however, saving money goes hand in hand with saving the environment. This is thanks to you reducing your carbon footprint so you should really pack your ethos along with your swimming suit and other holiday essentials.

Careful Packing

Hands up on how many of you over pack when it comes to going on holiday? Okay, hands up if you realize you didn’t need half of it and throw it away once you arrive? You should only ever take your bare essentials as even the most basic of camp sites will have  the essentials you need. Waste is a massive problem on camp sites and by being careful you can greatly reduce your own trash.

Leave Behind as Little as Possible

It goes without saying that any rubbish you have should be disposed of properly and all recyclable items placed in the appropriate containers. That isn’t all we are talking about however, it’s also the damage campers often leave behind without thinking. Doing your washing up, for example, with a non ecologically friendly washing up liquid then throwing the water away can cause untold damage to fauna. There are always dish washing facilities but to save lugging dishes back and forth most prefer to wash them in their accommodation. This is fine as long as you use eco-friendly products to do so.

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