5 Ways Lemongrass Helps Physical and Mental Health


Stressed, in need of a detox or feeling angry often? Then lemongrass might be just what you need to create a sense of calm, boost liver function and restore balance to the body.

Master herbalist Paul Haiden discusses the many benefits of pleasant-smelling and tasting lemongrass, which he says can be used to make a delicious tea or to liven up foods.(1) For example, simply cutting off the bulbous ends and using the chopped up remainder of lemongrass creates a tasty stir fry or a soothing warm drink while also offering several health benefits to those who consume it.


Haiden explains that in Ayurvedic medicine, it’s considered a great pick-me-up, especially for those who feel they need to become more centered.(1)

However, there are many other health benefits that one can get experience thanks to lemongrass.

Top 5 Ways Lemongrass Improves Health, Mood

1) Detox Abilities

He says that lemongrass increases liver, spleen and kidney function, making it an ideal choice for those who want to cleanse their system.(1) It’s perfect for those with ailments pertaining to those areas of the body, or for people who simply want to reboot their body after a bad day of eating or drinking.

2) Cancer Fighter

Studies have linked extracts of essential oils found in lemongrass to playing a role in preventing further growth of cancer cells, liver and breast in particular.(2) It’s been shown to slow the progression of the disease, leading to the death of cancer cells.

The findings were published in respected journals such as Cancer Letters and Fundamental and Clinical Pharmacology.

It’s also thought that lemongrass fights cancer because it contains very good levels of vitamins A, B and C which are linked to fighting free radicals that can lead to the onset of the illness.(3)

3) Antibacterial Properties

Fragrant lemongrass is also associated with the ability to help fight infections, ranging from dental-related issues such as oral thrush to keeping streptococcus bacteria at bay.(4)

4) Dieuretic

Haiden says that lemongrass acts as a wonderful diuretic, helping to flush out the body in the event a person consumed too much salt or simply felt bloated.(1)

5) Stress-Buster

Last but not least, it can be an effective way to relieve stress. Some feel that the pleasant smell alone can induce a more tranquil state in someone who is in need of serenity.

Haiden is one such person; not only does he consider the aroma inviting, but says that it’s incredible taste and abundance of healing properties is something he “highly recommends” to ward off stress and calm the nervous system.(1)

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