5 Ways to Kick the Soda Habit with Healthy Alternatives


America’s addiction to sodas is so commonplace that it is almost hidden, ironically, and many people do not even see it as a problem because it is so much a part of their lifestyle. Soda, however, is full of empty calories and oftentimes high in sodium and has little or no nutritional value. It has been blamed, along with fast food and processed food in general, with the epidemic of obesity which is gripping the country and causing so many health problems for millions of Americans. Below are 5 ways to help kick the soda habit for good.

Keep Iced Tea “On Tap”
Tea comes in a wide variety of flavors and can be regular or caffeine free, giving the consumer a great variety of options. Brew some up at home and put in a pitcher in the fridge and if it has to be served sweet, use a natural sugar substitute like honey or stevia instead. Tea is rich in antioxidants and does not have as much caffeine as some sodas but will still help give the energy levels a boost. Making it at home will avoid many of the additives put into commercial made tea drinks.

Increase Activity
If soda is being used as an energy booster, consider healthier ways to help get a pick-me-up. One of the best of these is exercise, which stimulates adrenaline and gives a natural buzz similar to that of the caffeine in many sodas. The next time the craving for soda hits, go for a brisk walk or do some jumping-jacks to boost the energy; it is likely that the craving will go away.

Say “Hello” to Water
For some people, one of the most attractive part of soda is its fizziness. If addicted to that bubbly feel when drinking, choose sparkling waters as a healthier alternative. The carbonation will give the same texture as a soda but will lack the caffeine and sugar and help contribute to hydration levels. Be warned, though, that overconsumption of any carbonated drink has been linked to weakened bones and the development of osteoporosis.

Juice Up

If a big part of the soda attraction was both the sweetness and the energy boost, natural juices can help with both. While juicers can seem intimidating or labor-intensive, they are actually pretty easy to use and well worth the extra effort. The Internet is teeming with recipes which for fruit or vegetable juices (or a combination of the two) that will give wholesome sustained energy, a wealth of nutrients and help satisfy the sweet tooth.

Increase B Vitamins

While the caffeine in soda can definitely give a lift if one is feeling sleeping or sluggish, this energy boost is short-lasting and can often be followed by a caffeine “crash” which actually makes most people feel more tired than before. A more natural way to find some get up and go is to use B vitamins, which will provide more sustained and longer-lasting energy.

Kicking the soda habit can be a really struggle for some people and many will find that it can take a long time to full accomplish this. However, it is well worth the effort and these tips might make it easier to to drinking soda for good.

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